Coronavirus in Argentina | The City ruled out isolating vulnerable neighborhoods: “There is no point in closing undergrounds”

The Buenos Aires government ruled out on Tuesday implementing a strategy of total isolation in popular areas, as the Province did in the Villa Azul neighborhood, located between the parties of Quilmes and Avellaneda, where they were registered 81 infected with coronavirus.

This was stated by Health Minister Fernán Quirós at a press conference. “We have been clear. Since the community distribution of the virus throughout the City is dispersed, there’s no point in closing any particular subway“, he pointed.

And he added: “It is not that we have the disease in one place and the rest of the city is free of community circulation. We think it is effective to search for potential cases, identify them and distance them from the community and their family. It is the strategy that we are applying throughout the Buenos Aires territory. “

In this way, the Buenosairean official refused to place a sanitary cord in Barrios 31; on 1-11-14 and in Ciudad Oculta, among other settlements.

In the popular neighborhoods, the City implemented a sanitary operation that consists of identifying the close contacts of people with coronavirus. In the event that they show symptoms, they are tested and isolated until the result is known. If the swab is positive, they are transferred to a care center. Are already 2841 residents of these areas with COVID-19.

The residents of the neighborhood must remain isolated for 15 days. (Photo: AFP)
The residents of the neighborhood must remain isolated for 15 days. (Photo: AFP)

On Monday, another 31 positive cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the neighborhood of Blue Villa, reason why the number of infected climbed to 84. Following an even larger outbreak, the Buenos Aires authorities decided to isolate the settlement.

Around 900 houses with more than one family in each are registered in this area. The Buenos Aires vice minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, admitted that it is estimated that the infections in the place “can increase much more”.

The health cordon, which is guarded by 300 members of the Buenos Aires police, will keep families isolated for a period of two weeks. While carrying out the tasks of sanitation and massive testing on site, the neighbors will be assisted with food and personal hygiene products.

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