Coronavirus in Argentina | Temples reopen throughout the country, although masses may not be given

The government authorized on Monday the reopening of churches across the country for “spiritual assistance to the faithful and individual prayers” after being closed for 50 days due to “social, preventive and compulsory isolation.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship established that in the reopened churches religious ceremonies will continue to be prohibited for the risk of contagion.

Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero and Foreign Minister Felipe Solá met with the head of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) Oscar Ojea, Cardinal Mario Poli and Monsignor Carlos Malfa.

After the approval of the Government, the Secretary of Worship Guillermo Oliveri summoned Malfa for Tuesday to diagram a “sanitary protocol that will serve as a guide specifically for the Catholic Church”.

After the meeting at the Casa Rosada, from the Episcopal Conference remarked: “The possibility that the temples are open for individual prayer was ratified.”

They also stated that “the priests will be able to receive, if possible in a previously agreed way, the faithful who request spiritual help, always taking into account the sanitary provisions “.

Written by Argentina News

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