Coronavirus in Argentina: students from a technical school make gel alcohol and distribute it for free

The students of the Technical Institute of the town of Carnerillo, in the south of the province of Córdoba, manufacture every year gel alcohol as an educational practice, but coronavirus pandemicdecided to increase production and distribute it for free among the residents of that town.

The initiative arose after the health emergency was declared in the country and in front of the lack of stock and increase in product prices, as a consequence of the increase in demand.

This establishment has been making alcohol gel since 2017, within the General Microbiology sixth year curriculum space. Until now, the project was only done experimentally in the laboratory, and the product was used internally in specific places. But the pandemic due to the advance of Covid-19 changed everything and led school officials to extend production to the community.

The Carnerillo Technical Institute has a fully equipped laboratory for the production of gel alcohol and enough supplies to manufacture 40 liters of product (Photo: Facebook / Carnerillo Technical Institute)

“We have been producing gel alcohol for many years. There is a teacher who does it as a project in her subject,” the institute’s director, Marisel Césere, told the newspaper. Strut from Río Cuarto. In this sense, he clarified: “The Defense Committee met and we informed that From tomorrow (on Monday) we will produce gel alcohol, on an experimental level, because by Sedronar we cannot do it “.

This project has the support of the local municipality, what will provide the means to ensure production.

“They are going to support us in an important way in this project,” said Césere. The director explained that the distribution of the product will be in charge of the Health Center and that will be delivered to different establishments (educational institutions, municipality and health centers), as well as will be given to the neighbors.

The teacher in charge of the project is Valeria Bueno, who teaches Chemistry, among other subjects. “She is responsible for this activity and is helped by all the professors of the Carnerillo Technical Institute team,” stressed the director.

In dialogue with the radio Being FM Carnerillo, Well told that all the alcohol that will be produced is with supplies that the school has, since at present they are not being obtained. The expected quantity to be produced is approximately 40 liters according to the number of reagents that they have today, and they will begin to elaborate it from Monday.

In case of class suspension, the director of the institution assured that production will take place anyway, prioritizing delivery to places such as health centers, the Municipality and places with the highest attendance.

Carnerillo is located in the Juárez Celman department, 40 kilometers from Río Cuarto and 230 kilometers south of the provincial capital.

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