Coronavirus in Argentina | Rodríguez Larreta: “For now the neighbors comply with the social distance”

The head of Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta assured this Friday that, in the first week of the new measures implemented during the quarantine in the City, people are meeting the social distance. “These days the measures are being carried out, but we still cannot draw a conclusion,” the official said in dialogue with TN.

The reopening of local stores and the provision of recreational walks for boys in the City of Buenos Aires are two of the measures that were most critical in relation to the management of quarantine by the Buenos Aires authorities. However, the head of government stated: “For now, people in general are complying. They keep two meters and I did not see anyone without a mask. “

Rodríguez Larreta toured the streets of Belgrano this Friday for, according to what he said, see how social distancing measures are met. “The situation is very complicated, but it is a first step and everyone values ​​it,” he assured.

“We are going to take 10 days to evaluate. These first days the distancing in the street and the use of masks has been fulfilled, but it is not to draw a conclusion. We have to take eight to 10 days as we said, “concluded the head of government.

The evaluation of the situation in the district by the Buenos Aires authorities will have tuesday 19 as a key date. It is because that day It will be a week after the start of the reactivation of the shops and it will be shortly after the end of the isolation phase that the Government decreed.

Next week the head of Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will meet; the Deputy Head of Government Diego Santilli, and the health authorities to focus on the results of social behavior in the City during the quarantine stage.

Buenos Aires government sources told the agency Telam that the analysis will be directed to the evolution of the contagion curve of the coronavirus in the City, the mobility of people in the public transport, the qualification of a score of items of neighborhood shops considered non-essential and the impact of authorization for leisure walks with boys that will be done the weekend for the first time.

“The combination of these factors is going to be what will define how we continue with this quarantine,” the Buenos Aires health minister, Fernán Quirós, announced at a press conference on Friday morning. There he indicated that the options could range from “sustain the measures adopted, expand or reverse them”.

He also remarked: “There is a contagion curve ahead that will evolve in the City of Buenos Aires and the Metropolitan Area”, which groups 40 Buenos Aires municipalities and where about 80% of coronavirus cases are concentrated. In this sense, he estimated that This growth in registrations will occur “in late May or early June.”

“When the curve starts to accelerate naturally, we will have to discuss more restrictive physical distancing measures because it is what all the countries of the world did to take care of their citizens, “said the minister.

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