Coronavirus in Argentina | Lawyers protested in Courts: they demand that the Court enable the judicial file

Some because their enrollments expired, others because they ran out of income. All, in short, because they cannot work. Dozens of lawyers met at noon on Monday at the Palaces de Tribunals door to make their work situation visible in the midst of the coronavirus quarantine.

Workers in the sector demanded that the Supreme Court of Justice enable the judicial file, that is to say that it allows the processing of processes remotely so that they can do it from home.

With signs saying “without lawyers there is no justice” and with songs like “justice, justice, justice” and “we want to work, we want to work, we want to work”, they claimed for their jobs.

Juan Pablo Godoy Vélez, former adviser to the Magistracy, expressed in TN: “We ask the Supreme Court to enable the judicial file to process them remotely from the houses.”

“We are able to work like this, but so far the judges leave the file on stand by until the fair ends. Justice is paralyzed “, insisted the lawyer in Courts.

Godoy Vélez warned that they will demonstrate again if they do not get any response: “The Judiciary is the only one that does not operate remotely, as the Executive and the Legislative do. “

But that was not all: around 4 thousand lawyers they can’t even serve customers because their license plates expired and, in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, they can’t renew it.

Written by Argentina News

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