Coronavirus in Argentina: in Salta, a young woman collected the $ 10,000 bonus and set up a grocery store at her home

Ana Paula he is 19 years old, lives in Jump and was a beneficiary of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) that the Government grants to people with informal work or monotributistas as an aid to alleviate the crisis by the Conoravirus. This girl decided to invest the $ 10,000 in a family business to generate income.

The young woman lives in the Limache neighborhood and it was there, at the door of her house, that she opened a greengrocery: Installed a few crates of fruits and vegetables to sell to neighbors. He put cheap prices so that everyone can access the merchandise.

The greengrocers that Ana Paula opened at the door of her house. (Photo: video capture La Voz de mi Tierra).

“As soon as we got paid we went to the market with my grandfather who helped me buy the merchandise and a little scale. Thank God it was given to me, I am going to continue “, Ana Paula told The Voice of my Earth.

The first day that the greengrocer opened, many neighbors came to buy and friends went to congratulate her. “Our idea is to continue growing, but we are going to do little,” she said hopefully.

She very timidly gave the address of her house so that everyone would come to buy. Ana Paula lives in lot 6, block 2, house 14, in the Limache neighborhood.

With the voucher, Ana Paula was also able to buy a scale. (Photo: video capture La Voz de mi Tierra).
With the voucher, Ana Paula was also able to buy a scale. (Photo: video capture La Voz de mi Tierra).

She was in charge of promoting her venture on social networks: “Those of the Rioba who come to make purchases here,” he wrote. And many users applauded her initiative and congratulated her.

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