Coronavirus in Argentina I He was in a coma for 15 days, he recovered and was dismissed with an ovation

Miguel Ángel Lacour, known among his friends as “Mike”, spent 15 days in a coma pharmacological and connected to a respirator, after being positively diagnosed with coronavirus. This Saturday he was released from the hospital and the Lomas Sanatorium medical staff dismissed him with an ovation.

“I will never forget this equipment in my life,” said the patient excitedly as he left the health center in a wheelchair.

Miguel Ángel does not know for sure how he got it, but he suspects it was in an elevator. In dialogue with TN, he said: “I was perfect, I had no symptoms of anything and I think I got it in an elevator when I came down from a 23rd floor office and a dressed people appeared as well as going down to someone and I asked if there was a case of COVID-19 and they said yes

Despite the fact that when he got to the ground floor of that building, located on Reconquista street, in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires, the man washed himself and tried to disinfect himself, a week later he started with symptoms.

I started with fever, shortness of breath And that’s when my wife told me to go to the sanitarium to make me see. I was entered into the guard directly and I was told that it was highly likely to be a positive case. I was immediately admitted, “says” Mike “about this life-changing experience.

After the hospitalization, he had very difficult moments, but he recovered and excited everyone with his discharge. “I was in a coma for 15 daysafter three days it took me more or less to wake up and I was eight or nine more days to recover. Today I was discharged and there is the video that is so exciting, “says the broken voice.

The recovered patient explained that it was a drug-induced coma and that all those days was connected to a respirator.

What most impressed Miguel Ángel when he woke up, after two weeks of being asleep, was seeing the amount of messages of support that had reached his cell phone. “It is very strong, the truth that left me a lot to think about, a lot to be thankful for, all the prayers, the number of people who made prayer chains, “he recounted and reflected:” The people in this quarantine are scared, at home and I think my fight took a bit of their own. ”

For this man who was included in the 1107 patients who managed to recover from the coronavirus in Argentina this “was a life experience” and, despite all the love he received, he hopes it will never happen again.

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