Coronavirus in Argentina | Hairdresser owners ask for protocol to reopen

Over the weeks, more and more non-essential activities were re-enabled in Argentina in a context of quarantine. Despite the fact that in the last hours this situation saw a setback in some areas of the City of Buenos Aires, customer service continues to operate in most of the so-called local shops. However, to date some specific items remain unauthorized, including clothing, beauty centers and hairdressers.

In dialogue with Just one more turn, Claudio Cerini He recounted the difficult situation that this sector is going through, within which 50,000 locals and 150,000 workers are registered throughout the country.

“Today I have some aid that at some point I did not have, such as the ATP (Work and Production Assistance Program). But the banks are still in a slightly more complex situation, because without real guarantees there are no loans. Therefore, for this month I am putting a property in guarantee“started the hairdresser.

In this way, he said that given the impossibility of invoicing the State aid alone, it is insufficient, so, in addition to being in the process of obtaining a bank loan, take turns in advance in exchange for benefits such as payment in installments or discounts to cover their costs.

Regarding the government’s decision to keep the hairdressers closed, he said: “They never called us to a table to listen to our needs. I have 800 people waiting to open. I am not crazy nor do I want to expose anyone, but I would like you to hear if there is a true and real protocol, as in Córdoba, Salta, Mar del Plata and the world “.

In that sense, he mentioned some of the measures that could be implemented to prevent possible contagion in the premises. “What you have to do clearly is to disperse people. Not having a seat next to each other, but every two meters. You’re going to have half the audience, but at least open, “he said, adding:” They will also take chinstrap and acrylic frames so you can only pass your hands. “

However, the hairdresser expressed himself predisposed to add the aforementioned measures to all those recommendations that the health authorities consider necessary to be able to carry out the activity safely again. “I think basically hairdressers were taken lightly, as frivolous, and they won’t be able to go another 60 days without them collapsing“he finished.

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