Coronavirus in Argentina | Guarded guests: they inspect Buenos Aires hotels to control that they comply with the quarantine

As part of the controls for the coronavirus pandemic, national government officials, with the support of the police, toured hotels and accommodations in the City of Buenos Aires to verify if the guests carry out the corresponding quarantine.

As detailed, controlled room by room, verifying the date of entry into the country and the origin. Those who arrived from risk areas and present symptoms are referred to an examination and, if necessary, to hospitalization.

Meanwhile, if a case you must be quarantined and do not comply, personnel from the National Migration Directorate together with the Federal Police are in charge of leaving the country as 270 foreign tourists have already done.

Further, in case of non-compliance, a complaint is made to the Justice for violation of article 205 of the Penal Code, which establishes that “anyone who violates the measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic will be punished with imprisonment for six months to two years”.

Tourists who can circulate are transferred to Ezeiza (Photo: Twitter @wadodecorrido)

This Monday, the Interior Minister Pedro’s Wado and the head of Migrations, Florence Carignano, participated in the tour of the hotels. After the inspection at the Intercontinental Hotel, the official said: “We are verifying the quarantine in hotels to ensure public health and the common good; we will do everything we have to do to comply with the quarantine

“We have many cases of nationals who are responsibly carrying out the quarantine and we have contacted them by text message. There are many Argentines and Argentines responsible“he stressed.

The minister also warned that “where we find, as in Vicente López, someone who does not comply with quarantine, via the Judiciary or Migrations measures will be taken to care for the rest of the Argentines

The Interior Minister and the head of Migrations controlled the hotels (Photo: Twitter @wadodecorrido)
The Interior Minister and the head of Migrations controlled the hotels (Photo: Twitter @wadodecorrido)

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