Coronavirus in Argentina | Extreme measures in Blue: they put bands on the trucks and do not let drivers down to avoid infections

As an extreme preventive measure against coronavirus, in the Municipality of Azul, province of Buenos Airesbegan to place security straps to the cabins of the trucks that enter to unload merchandise to the district, to prevent the driver from getting off and thus, possible infections. It generated a strong controversy.

“We have found a system that is useful to us, and they have even copied it in other areas,” said the mayor. Hernán Bertellys.

“When a truck comes from what we call ‘hot zone’, that is to say, where there are infections every day, such as the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, or the city of Rosario, upon entering, a security strip is placed on them to guarantee that the driver will go down and would not have direct contact with anyone, “he explained in dialogue with A24 this Wednesday.

When the trucks enter, they put a strip on the cabin to detect if the driver gets out. (Photo: A24 video capture).

In addition to the sash, which is placed transversely to the driver’s side door in the vehicle cabin, drivers they must wear masks.

“Logically, the driver can open the door and get off, in case of an emergency or some need, but the measure helps us keep track and prevent contagion from occurring, “explained the mayor and recalled that currently the city does not present cases of COVID-19. “Only applies to those who they load and unload merchandise “, clarified Bertellys.

With respect to the controversy and questions generated by the decision made by the municipality, the mayor stated: “We prefer to surprise with an extreme measure, as a precaution, and not for relaxation. “

The city of Azul reinforced the controls against the entry of not only trucks, but also any individual. Everyone who arrives must meet a mandatory quarantine. In addition, they must complete an epidemiological card for the municipality to monitor daily.

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