Coronavirus in Argentina | Concern about the outbreak in Chaco: a referent of the Qom community who had COVID-19 died

The province of Chaco It is the third district most affected by the coronavirus with 796 confirmed cases and 47 victims. The epidemiological situation in this territory is particularly complex in the Gran Toba neighborhood, a region inhabited mostly by members of the Qom community: there are 134 infected and 13 fatalities registered there.

In the last hours the Ministry of Health of Chaco confirm the death of Juan Rescio, a Qom reference who died from COVID-19. He had anticipated that the outbreak in the Toba neighborhood did not seem to stop.

According to official information, in the last two weeks cases in that region grew rapidly and as in Villa Azul, the Buenos Aires settlement that is news for having 196 positive cases, the Chaco authorities decided to isolate the Great Toba: there are security fences and a strong police presence.

Rescio’s death hit the neighborhood. The man also presented a diabetes picture that complicated his clinical picture. Juana Romero, his wife, also died from the virus and a large part of his family was infected.

The income to the Gran Toba neighborhood, closed. Credits:
The income to the Gran Toba neighborhood, closed. Credits:

Rescio was 67 years old, was a founder and member of the renowned Qom Chelaapi choir (Band of Zorzales, in the Qom language) and a benchmark of Chaco culture and identity.

In dialogue with TN, Nicolas Ivancovich, Chaco’s director of Emergencies, assured that the coronavirus “exposed the socioeconomic reality” of the province and said that the health context in the towns is “worrying”. “There is an average of 10 people per house“he assured.

The governor Jorge Capitanich decree three days of mourning and fired him with a message on his account Twitter.

“Juan Rescio, founder and historical member of the Qom Chelaalapi choir, was also a musician, basket maker, potter and a fundamental piece in strengthening our intercultural identity. My condolences for his death,” he wrote.

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