Coronavirus in Argentina | Before the flood of tourists, the mayor of Monte Hermoso complained: “There is irresponsibility”

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement by President Alberto Fernández last Sunday that, among a package of measures, the class suspension until March 31 it led to irresponsible behavior by hundreds of bahienses who decided to take a few days in Monte Hermoso. This scene, with long lines of tourists trying to enter the spa city, generated outrage on social networks and the mayor Alejandro Dichiara made it clear that disagree with income and that you are taking the necessary steps to protect the locals.

“We are asking people to stay at home and don’t come to Monte Hermoso“, assured the communal chief in dialogue with Radio 10. In this context, he expressed fear that they would bring the virus “from outside”.

“People do not have to go to Mar del Plata, nor to Monte Hermoso, nor to Iguazú Falls, nor to the Perito Moreno Glacier. To combat this pandemic, they have to stay at home, there is little understanding and irresponsibility“sentenced the mayor.

Dichiara stated that Monte Hermoso had an excellent summer season and that if the coronavirus outbreak Had it arrived in December, things would not have been so positive. But, facing the pandemic, the official stated: “Today the first thing is to preserve health”.

Beyond the calls for attention, the cars continue to arrive, despite the mayor having assured that 70% of shops are closed.

This Monday, Dichiara told surprised on his social networks: “We find a 3 km row of tourist carsWhat we did was take the fever and make them fill out an affidavit. “Since most of the people who arrived are from Bahía Blanca, the official admits that they cannot lie to him when completing the papers.” Because it is a small city we know who traveled abroad and we are contacting them

As the national authorities remember, the mayor of Monte Hermoso stressed that it is not about vacations and asked people to stay at home. “Do not come to Monte Hermoso“he requested.

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