Coronavirus in Argentina: an ambulance was attacked in Salta that was transporting an infected woman

An ambulance attacked in Salta carrying a 29-year-old woman with coronavirus towards a hospital in the provincial capital. The incidents were on Tuesday night in the town of Rosario de Lerma, where the residents protested in front of his house and then stones were thrown at him to the mobile that assisted her.

The young woman was a swallow worker in El Chaltén, Santa Cruz. When he lost his job, he went to a relative’s house in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires province, where he stayed for four days.

He then traveled to Salta on April 28 with nine people, who tested negative. When the mandatory quarantine was about to end, the last check indicated that it was infected. Is he fifth case in the province.

The health protocol was activated to transfer the asymptomatic woman to the Papa Francisco hospital in the provincial capital. When the ambulance arrived, neighbors protested in front of his house, threw stones at his mobile and broke his windows. The driver, patient and nurses were not injured.

Provincial Government Minister Ricardo Villada repudiated the attack. “What happened last night it hurts so much. Not because of the appearance of a new case, which we are all aware that may appear, but because of the behavior of the neighbors. The basis of our actions must be solidarity, “he said.

Mayor Enrique Martínez also repudiated the attack and clarified that there were no reports that the young woman has violated the mandatory quarantine since her arrival in the province, at the end of last month.

Attack on an ambulance and the Moreno hospital

It is the second time in a week they attack an ambulance. On Tuesday, relatives of a woman who died in the Mariano hospital and Luciano de la Vega de Moreno destroyed a mobile phone and the health center after the death.

The patient had been admitted on Sunday night after suffering a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Due to the seriousness of his condition and for his best care, his transfer to a private center was determined through the PAMI social work, which never happened.

Enraged, the relatives beat a security guard, broke part of the administration offices and smashed the windows of a health mobile. Police from Moreno’s first police station attended the scene and managed to calm them down.

The director of the hospital Emmanuel Álvarez denied responsibility for the hospital in the transfer. He said “it was requested insistently, every four hours, and that is what was explained to the relatives. “He explained that in the cases of patients with social work or prepaid immediate referral requested through the contracted service.

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