Coronavirus in Argentina | Agustín Navarro, another social reference from Barrio 31, died

Agustin Navarro He became the second social reference in dying from coronavirus in Barrio 31 of the City of Buenos Aires. The 51-year-old man worked as coordinator in a picnic area that Barrios de Pie has in Barrio 31.

The leader of that social organization Daniel Menéndez confirmed the news through social networks: “We regret to communicate that on the day of the date our colleague Agustín Navarro died, coordinator of a picnic area in villa 31 “.

“The situation in the popular neighborhoods is very complex and worrying. With the advance of the pandemic in the popular neighborhoods, we are the social activists who day by day put the body“, explained Menéndez, current undersecretary of Integration and Training Policies of the Secretary of Social Economy of the Nation.

Walter Córdoba, member of the organization, explained in TN: “Two sons of Agustín were isolated in hotels. The widow and another daughter stayed in the neighborhood, but they are without water and without food. “

Only eight days ago Ramona Medina died, social communicator of The Mighty Throat, one of the first to notice the sanitary conditions in Barrio 31.

Ramona was a delegate of that magazine and as such had made visible the lack of water, key to the prevention of the virus, and the overcrowding in the area near the Retiro terminal.

The Buenos Aires Government confirmed 2593 cases of coronavirus until Monday in vulnerable neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires.

Of these cases, 1665 are in Barrio 31, where Ramona Medina and Agustín Navarro died. Barrio 1-11-14 has 724 infected people.

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