Coronavirus in Argentina: a trucker tried to cross a vehicle control with five men hidden in the trailer

A truck was arrested this Saturday in the Chaco town of Charata when He was transporting five men in his trailer in clear violation of the mandatory total quarantine that this Friday was extended until April 26.

When the vehicle with a trailer had to stop at a security checkpoint, the driver recognized that it was carrying five people and that they had not notified it in the previous control.

The truck, a Fiat 619, came from the neighboring town of Las Breñas, where the five men who were traveling in hiding reside. As in many provinces, each Chaco municipality decided to close its borders and carry out controls at the entry and exit points.

When questioned by the security forces, the driver could not display any type of driving license. Then, the vehicle was escorted to the sanitary control located at the access to the town.

There the control personnel carried out the corresponding tasks regarding the registration and sanitary control of all the occupants of the truck. The workers, between 18 and 39 years old, could not demonstrate that they belonged to one of the excepted activities.

At the end of the identification of the men, they were transferred to the Police Health Division and then they were handed over to the Prevention Guard where they were delayed due to non-compliance with the protocol in relation to the health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last night, President Alberto Fernández announced compulsory social isolation will last until April 26 inclusive in order to “flatten the curve” of infections and thus avoid a collapse of the health system.

“We are facing a pandemic of unusual scope. We still do not know the remedy to avoid it, and the only remedy that all infectious diseases suggest is to take shelter in the house, “said the president at a press conference. The isolation was originally scheduled to end on Monday.

The quarantine will continue to be rigorous in large urban centers such as Buenos Aires, he added, although it will allow the operation of car workshops and tire repair for ambulances and cars in which people circulate who, from March 20 -when it began quarantine-, are exempt from isolation. This is the case, for example, of doctors and workers in industrial sectors.

This morning, the Nation’s Ministry of Health confirmed a new death. The deceased patient is a 71-year-old woman residing in the City of Buenos Aires. In this way There are already 83 fatal victims due to the disease in the country and the number of infections remains at the moment at 1,975.

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