Coronavirus in Argentina | A six-month-old baby died of suffocation: she was swabbed and had COVID-19

A six-month-old baby died of suffocation Sunday May 17 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios y la Justicia find out if a brother, younger, could have drowned her by accident.

According to what could know from police sources, personnel from Police Station 4B of the City Police, were summoned to a home because a baby had no vital signs. When arriving at the place the parents were with the minor in their arms, without the latter responding to the stimuli.

A cash officer performed CPR and quickly transferred it to the Penna Hospital, where he finally died. By protocol the professionals of that health center they swabbed it and checked that it had coronavirus.

Justice launched an investigation into the event and try to determine if a brother, younger, could have suffocated the baby with a cushion.

The summary was labeled “Investigation of Causes of Death” and was left to the intervention of the National Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal and Correctional Issues No. 8 A, under the direction of Dr. Fernando Fiszer, sole secretary of Dr. Sandra Sarno.

From the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health they clarified that the baby did not die from coronavirus and that the causes of her death must be determined by Justice.

Since the start of the pandemic, the City registered 4130 positive cases, of which 155 lost their lives. In turn, 1,139 people who were infected managed to recover, according to data from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health.

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