Coronavirus in Argentina: 31 new cases confirmed in Villa Azul and 84 are infected

Another 31 positive cases of coronavirus were confirmed this Monday in the neighborhood of Blue Villa, so the number of infected reached 84. Following an even larger outbreak, the Buenos Aires authorities decided to isolate the settlement.

In the settlement, located between the parties Quilmes and Avellaneda, There are around 900 houses with more than one family in each one. The Buenos Aires vice minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, admitted that it is estimated that the infections in the place “can increase much more”. And he explained that the strict isolation was decided “to avoid a greater amount of contagion between the neighbors and to other territories.”

The residents of the neighborhood must remain isolated for 15 days. (Photo: AFP)

Kreplak, in addition, indicated that “the places of encounter of neighbors were closed, such as the soup kitchens, and now the food will be delivered to the residents of the houses.” In the course of this Monday afternoon, different mobiles and patrols of the municipalities of Quilmes and Avellaneda They distributed bags with food and cleaning and disinfection items.

In addition, the Emergency Committee in the place, with two logistic centers of sanitary attention and food distribution and hygiene elements, to avoid the circulation of people; expand symptomatic search operations in the neighborhood’s area of ​​influence; and detect and isolate the population at risk.

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