Coronavirus in Argentina│Bonaerenses schools that have confirmed or suspected cases will close for 14 days

The Ministry of Education of the province of Buenos Aires established that in case a student or teacher shows symptoms compatible with coronavirus, the school should close its doors until the final result of the exam is known or for a minimum period of 14 days.

The measure also covers – albeit with differences – managers, administrators and employees in general.

The resolution, to which he agreed TN, establishes that in the event that a student or teacher presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19, the establishment must remain closed until the study is completed or for a period of 14 days. The measure affects all its degrees and sections.

In turn, the provision of the provincial Education portfolio monopolizes all non-teaching staff, including these managers and administrators. If any have symptoms compatible with the coronavirus, the agent in question should be isolated, as well as their “close contacts”, until the test determines whether they are infected.

The regulations indicate that if non-teaching staff actually carry the virus, the educational establishment will also be closed for two weeks and all its members will be ordered to isolate themselves.

“Not recommended at the moment”

The Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, assured in dialogue with TN that specialists warned that “It is not recommended at this time to suspend classes” due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, he stressed that this is a decision that is made “day to day”, according to the indications of the Monitoring Committee.

“We are coordinating minute by minute with the committee of specialists and they established that suspension of classes is not necessary at this time,” said the official.

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