Coronavirus | How the 2,000 passengers who are quarantined live in City hotels

One week after the start of compulsory isolation, 2056 passengers stay in 19 hotels in the city of Buenos Aires, which were specially conditioned for newcomers to be quarantined while undergoing clinical tests to determine if they have coronavirus.

The measure applies to all CABA residents that arrive from destinations that are considered risky by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health to ensure that these people comply with the social, preventive and compulsory isolation recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Private and union hotels ceded their facilities. The City Government, meanwhile, is responsible for the operation of services and compliance with health protocols.

From the Buenos Aires government they pointed to that people who are housed under this system are asymptomatic.

In addition to general cleaning and pathogenic waste, passengers are provided breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and there is provision and replacement of sheets and towels, gloves, chinstraps, soap, shampoo and gel alcohol.

They also have the assistance of a 24-hour medical and psychological guard. As they explained, there is also available one doctor per hotel and a team of nine psychologists and psychiatrists.

Apart from the medical staff, more than 200 volunteers from the City Government attend to the needs of the passengers. They are teams of between 10 and 18 people per accommodation that are in charge of orientation, containment and assistance of travelers.

Assistance includes: the provision of four meals a day; the provision of personal cleaning and laundry kits; the logistics of shipping and delivery of personal orders or errands, ranging from the purchase of medication, food deliverys and other personal needs.

Volunteers also function as the link with the doctors on call and with the psychological care service.

The operations, which are carried out in conjunction with the National Government, are under the responsibility of the CABA Ministry of Health, SAME, the CABA Transportation Secretariat, the City Police, the Federal Police and the Airport Security Police (PSA).

Since last Friday, passengers from Germany, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, United States, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Mexico, India, Chile and Panama entered, which were distributed in the following hotels: Presidente, Cyan de las Américas, Gran View, Deco Recoleta, Ibis Congreso, Cyan Américas Tower, BA Central, Regente Palace, Facón Grande, Escorial, Panamericano, Ibis Obelisco, Argenta Tower, Sarmiento Palace, Impala, Hotel Buenos Aires, Rochester, Luxor and Viasui.

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