Coronavirus: free parking will continue in force anywhere in the City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Secretary of Transportation and Public Works Juan José Méndez clarified this Sunday that motorists may continue to park freely in the City of Buenos Aires.

Free parking continues, any day of the week you park like it was sunday“Mendez explained in TN after President Alberto Fernández extended the mandatory quarantine.

The head of Transportation in the City also explained how the crane service during quarantine: “We are only using them to unlock garages, loading and unloading docks and ramps for people with disabilities. “

“The cranes never stopped operating, the only thing we did was increase the service in the microcenter, where it was full of cars on the sidewalks, which are not made for that, because they break,” said Méndez after the controversy of the week. . Such was the case of a man whose car was removed and, when he went to the parking lot to look for it, he spoke of coronavirus and they had to apply the emergency protocol.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Transportation recalled that from Tuesday the widened sidewalks will begin to function so that, after the gradual reopening of shops, there is more distance between pedestrians when driving.

We are going to run the bus stops to the streets where there is not so much traffic, to place the containers at the ends of the widened sidewalks and to relocate parked cars if the owners do not run them, “he said.

He also proposed that the residents who must move around the City do so with their bicycles or with those of Ecobici so as not to saturate public transport: “We hope that people continue with the commitment to go out of necessity and not for a ride.”

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