Coronavirus | Felipe Solá, on the stranded Argentines: “There are possibilities that some may not return”

Foreign Minister Felipe Solá anticipated that some of the Argentines who are stranded in different cities of the world they cannot be repatriated and that “they must stay” abroad.

The official mainly targeted the group of more than 30,000 Argentines who traveled abroad days after the coronavirus was declared as global pandemic. “We cannot make a legal judgment on those people, but ethical“said the foreign minister.

“We got a note from the Foreign Ministry to inform all the consulates so that prepare to have Argentines who have to stay. It will depend on the advance of the pandemic. There are possibilities (that some stranded cannot return), “explained the official in dialogue with Radio 10.

“There is two classes of argentines abroad. The lists to repatriate were finished ten days ago and the amount began to drop with the special flights. But a second litter left the country after“the minister clarified.

Solá stated that the main cities with Argentines stranded by the coronavirus crisis and seeking to return to the country are Madrid, Paris, Rome, Mexico City, Lima, Bogotá, Miami and New York. The latter city, commented the official, “is a complex place” since “the contagion rate is very high” and because “there are many Argentines who want to return”.

“We want to organize the return from a point of view of justice in the order of waiting. We prioritize big people or have a specific problem, and pregnant women or with children“he explained.

In addition, the chancellor again criticized the airlines for “harm passengers”. “They sold tickets and then they don’t comply. And in many cases they have refused to endorse passages“, so that their clients can return on the special flights of Aerolineas Argentinas.” The bad is coming for many airlines and some will go bankrupt for this situation, “he concluded.

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