Coronavirus | Collapses at the entrances to the City due to the closure of accesses and the end of the long holiday

The closings debuted in 59 of the 110 entrances to the City, to restrict circulation and guarantee compliance with the mandatory pandemic quarantine of coronavirus. There is collapses at the entrances enabled both by the controls that are made to the drivers – only those who fulfill an “essential task” and have permits can pass – and by the end of the long holiday. What it generates kilometres of congestion.

On Tuesday morning the deputy chief of government of Buenos Aires Diego Santilli announced at a press conference the order of close more than half of the entrances to the Federal Capital, which are fenced and have a police presence to guarantee that no one passes through there. While the crosswalks were open, 12 accesses for public transport and another 13 for vehicles, all with controls.

He explained that the restriction responds to the measures that the Government took to stop the expansion of the coronavirus as the mandatory quarantine. He celebrated that in the City “all the traffic indicators show that nine out of ten people who are in the City fulfilled the preventive and obligatory social isolation “.

Although he warned that since midnight on Friday, when the isolation began, there were hundreds of cases of people who were delayed and detained for violating the restriction measures. “That speaks to the fact that there are still people who do not have to circulate and who cannot explain why they are circulating,” he criticized.

Then, in dialogue with Radio Miter, complained that “more people came out than had to and controls collapsed. ” “This morning is not positive. When I start looking now at what is happening in the high traffic of General Paz, at the entrances, I see that is not in line with what we need “, questioned.

The Buenosairean official remembered that the circulation must be for those who fulfill “essential functions” and clarified that “whoever was grabbed by quarantine in another place has to stay elsewhere”, so as not to “favor the coronavirus”.

What are the accesses enabled to enter the City

The steps enabled for public transport are the Av. 27 de Febrero Crossing, Francisco Fernández de la Cruz Crossing, Pedro de Mendoza Bridge, de los Corrales Crossing, Emilio Castro Crossing, Tonelero Street Crossing, Victor Hugo Crossing, Crossing Av. Lope de Vega, Crossing Calle Ricardo Gutiérrez / FFCC San Martín, Crossing Emilio Lamarca, Crossing Ricardo Balbín, Crossing Juan B Justo, Crossing Av. De los Constituyentes, Crossing Av. Del Libertador, Crossing Av. Francisco Beiró (below de Gral. Paz) and Cruce Av. Juan B. Alberdi.

While vehicles can circulate through the AU Ricardo Balbín (AU Buenos Aires – La Plata), Puente Avellaneda, Puente Pueyrredón, Puente Alsina, Puente La Noria, Cruce Av. Cnel. J. A. Roca, Empalme AU Luis Dellepiane and Av. Gral. Paz, Junction Av. Eva Perón, Junction Av. Rivadavia, Junction Av. San Martin, Junction North Access, Junction Av. Cabildo and West Access.

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