Coronavirus | Argentina closes its borders from this midnight

The Minister of Defense of the Nation, Augustin Rossi, reported that starting at 0 am this Friday, Argentina’s borders are closed as part of official measures to mitigate the expansion of the coronavirus in the country.

The measure will run until March 31 and will include international border crossings, ports, airports and border centers. It will be published this Friday in the Official Gazette.

The Government, through the Ministry of the Interior, reserves the power to prolong the measure beyond March 31. Those persons who are currently in flight to Argentina will be excepted.

The decree orders the Chancellery to take “the relevant measures in order to facilitate the care of the basic needs of Argentine nationals or residents in the country who could not enter the national territory “due to the closure of borders.

The Executive Power decided in the last hours to suspend the special flights that Argentines repatriated from different parts of the world. President Alberto Fernández had announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would provide economical support to those who were stranded.

One of the sectors that will remain exempt from border closings will be that of foreign trade. The decree establishes that the circulation of “persons who are affected to the transfer of merchandise by international trade operations of transporting cargo of merchandise, by air, land, sea, river and lake means; the carriers and crew of ships and aircraft “the measure explained.

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