Coronavirus: all of Argentina applauded Health professionals

Buenos Aires erupted in applause and it was all for them: health workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. From Belgrano, Caballito and Recoleta to Núñez and Quilmes, this Thursday around 21, hundreds of people came out to their balconies, terraces and windows to join the campaign “Argentina applauds”.

They, who race against the clock to save lives and face the pandemic that is plaguing the entire world, do not have the option of taking leave, missing work or doing home office. So, to thank you for your essential work in these times, the porteños joined the campaign that under the hashtag #ArgentinaAplaude went viral on social networks.

“From your house, join in the applause for all the doctors, nurses and health assistants who fight day by day to end #Coronavirus. Thank you for your tireless work !! Where are you going to applaud them from? ”Asked the platform. from your account Twitter

In Colegiales, near the Flea Market, a group of musicians with trumpets, saxes and clarinets leaned out onto a balcony to add their music. Almagro, Recoleta, Caballito, Devoto, Núñez and Balvanera were some of the neighborhoods that joined the campaign that seeks to extend support to those who work daily in sanatoriums, clinics and hospitals.

On the streets, the sound of clapping mingled with the car horns. Meanwhile, social networks were filled with photos and videos with messages of encouragement.

Twitter user @barcademar posted: “#ArgentinaAplaude Thank you for being on the first line of defense against this Pandemic.” Another person wrote: “To the doctors and nurses, thank you. I am very excited about this.”

This Thursday the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that 31 new patients were diagnosed with coronavirus. In this way, 128 Argentines have already contracted the disease. The vast majority are of the “imported” type, that is, they traveled to countries where the virus circulated after the initial outbreak in China, and the rest because of “close contact” with the infected.

Meanwhile, President Alberto Fernández decreed a mandatory quarantine to prevent the movement of people on public roads, and in this way prevent the spread of the pandemic that caused more than 9,800 deaths around the world. The measure will take effect from this Thursday (Friday at 0) until Tuesday, March 31.

The applause for the doctors in Concordia

From Mar del Plata, the thanks to the Health workers

The applause also came from the Belgrano neighborhood

The thanks of the residents of Caballito

The applause in the Almagro neighborhood

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