Coronavirus | Alberto Fernández described the surfer who went to Ostend as “idiot”

This Wednesday a news came out that caused outrage on social networks. A surfer The 27-year-old recently arrived from Brazil was delayed by the Police on the Pan-American Highway and escorted to his home in the Flores neighborhood to comply with the mandatory quarantine. However, he escaped and was arrested hours later in Ostend. President Alberto Fernández condemned the young man’s attitude and called him “moron”.

In dialogue with Cortá Por Lozano, by Telefe, the head of state referred to the episode while highlighting the work of the security forces, which he warned: “They are going to meet idiots. We see an idiot who ran away from his house and appears to have appeared in Ostend. “

In this type of situation, he asked the authorities who carry out controls that are inflexible. “Those characters are going to have to explain a lot to Argentine society about the lack of apprehension towards the other,” he assured, adding: “Simply, they report these people and the Justice will do what it has to do

Then, Fernández specifically addressed those who do not abide by the total isolation decreed last Thursday. “To the idiots I say: the Argentina of the living is over. I will not allow them to do what they want. If you get it right, I love it. If not, in democracy to understand it the hard way is that they end up in front of a judge. Y when you have the conviction record, then don’t cry“he sentenced.

Finally, the President sent a short message to security personnel, whom he had previously thanked for his services in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. He asked them “respect” during the operations, and concluded: “They are being the face that is exposed to take care of us”.

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