Coronavirus: a passenger from 67 had symptoms and entrenched herself in the bus in the heart of Recoleta

A bus of line 67 had to stop its journey this Tuesday morning in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta after a passenger with a chinstrap have coronavirus compatible symptoms. The protocol was activated and SAME doctors transferred her to the Muñiz hospital for studies.

In a video that reached TN and the People, you can see the doctors, in suits to protect themselves from the disease, grapple with the woman who refused to follow her directions. “She realizes that it puts my health at risk too,” he says as the passenger claims that “they open the door” for her to get off.

The alert occurred after 11 o’clock, when a passenger reported that a woman was coughing inside a bus that was circulating on Avenida del Libertador, in the area near downtown Buenos Aires.

Immediately, police personnel stopped the unit and called the specialized Same in Covid-19, which attended the site and carried out an operation that was carried out by the head of the Buenos Aires emergency service, Alberto Crescenti.

“The protocol was activated by the complaint of a passenger, the woman presented previous history of thrombosisWhen asked, started giving false data, he was coughing. But then he said that was in contact with people who had been where the virus circulatesThat is why we moved her to Muñiz to study, “explained the owner of the Same.

Likewise, Crescenti explained: “We have to determine if she had a fever. Some of the passengers called 911. Isolation was carried out inside the bus. You have to isolate her and see what happens, she is a young woman.”

“The rest of the passage, which there were ten people, had no contact with the woman, so I consulted the court on duty and it was resolved that the driver transfer each one to their home to quarantine“he added.

Crescenti reiterated to the press that the use of the chinstrap is only for people who have the disease or who may be in contact with infected people, that the rest should not use it but should maintain social distance.

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