Coronavirus: a journalist from “La Garganta Poderosa” tested positive and is hospitalized

Ramona Medina has coronavirus. Everyone knows it in Barrio 31, the same one that implored the national and Buenos Aires authorities for months to normalize the water supply. Hers, delegate of the Mighty Throat, was one of the voices that was heard loudest in Retiro.

Allegations to the communicator and neighborhood referent indicated to that was very delicate this Tuesday. That they intubated it but that today it improved. Doctors said her condition “is a matter of the day to day.”

On Twitter, the magazine dedicated to the villera culture demanded #BastaDeSilencio and reported: “They just intubated Ramona. “ “And now? And now Ramona has a coronavirus, yes, the same Ramona that appeared in all the reports denouncing the submission to the subhuman conditions that she suffered in Villa 31”, the publication detailed.

“She, insulin-dependent, who has a diabetic daughter, a father-in-law with coronary problems and a daughter in a wheelchair who requires oxygen, because she has West syndrome and Aicardi syndrome, a pathology that generates non-evolutionary refractory seizures”, counted Throat.

“Ramona for two years asked, implored, pleaded, for a housing solution because she lived in overcrowding. She screamed in the media, she screamed in Throat and keep screaming. She went 12 days without water, today she has COVID-19 and she is intubated. And now? Now, we must all scream, “asked the magazine.

The communicator is one of the 759 positive cases in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of the City. His family continues in the same house, crowded and, from this Wednesday morning, again without water. Days ago, the Buenos Aires Justice ordered the City Government to arbitrate urgent measures to return the supply to these areas, the most hit by the pandemic.

“They were isolated for 55 days in that same house, which today does not have water and does not even have Ramona anymore, because they just intubated her,” he denounced. The powerful.

She is admitted to the Muñíz hospital and her husband awaits the result of the swab.

In the Retiro neighborhood, several organizations work against the clock to contain the situation. The national and city governments conduct house-to-house testing.

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