Coronavirus: a group of friends and neighbors sew masks and gowns for the hospitals and the police

In times of emergency, many are the Argentines who think of those who need it most. More in these times of pandemic, when throughout the country a quarantine is being carried out to prevent the spread of the COVID 19.

This is the story of a group of friends and neighbors of Governor Castro, a small town in the province of Buenos Aires, which came together to make chinstraps, robes, camisoles, caps and boots. The goal is to deliver them to hospitals, police, fire and other neighbors who are within the risk group.

Neighbors and friends make chinstraps, camisoles and caps to donate. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Nearby towns like San Pedro and El Tala They joined the initiative of this group of women and there are many more solidarity hands that help in the midst of the pandemic.

More solidarity in the midst of the quarantine in Argentina

A confectionery located in the province of Jump, every day very early it opens its doors and offers free breakfasts to the police in appreciation of their work.

In the video, which came to TN and The People, A dozen officers are seen at the door and in the corner of the premises drinking their coffee and bills. In this way they start the day and replenish energy for the difficult task that they have to carry out on the streets.

Written by Argentina News

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