Coronavirus: 13 doctors from the hospital that Kicillof visited in San Martín are infected

In the last hours the worrying situation that doctors and patients in the Manuel Belgrano Hospital, from the Buenos Aires city of San Martín. In that institution, 13 professionals of the health they were infected with coronavirus. Meanwhile, others ten They are considered suspected cases and more than 20 were isolated preventively.

Axel Kicillof had toured the establishment five days ago. There he saw the new works that were being made and shared it on his social networks. After learning of the outbreak, the Province explained to Two voices that the governor “He is being controlled and has no symptoms.”

In dialogue with TN, Orlando Restivo, a hospital doctor, described the setting as “really chaotic”. In addition, he said that the director The establishment decided to replace “without a word” the crisis committee that operated in the institution and create a new group. In that sense, he said that a increased staffing, supplies and protective elements.

“In this context, today the hospital is in a paralysis situation and of absolute chaos, because there is services that are decimated. And we are going to have an increase in the number of cases, “Restivo assured. Consequently, he predicted that many of his colleagues will also have to be isolated in a preventive manner, something that will aggravate even more problems and will jeopardize the operation of the hospital.

“All personnel have to be tested. Then we have to see what we do with those who are not sick and how we prepare to get out of this situation, which is very serious, “he said.

Lastly, he said that, for fear of being infected by hospital doctors, most of the patients stopped attending there. “People don’t come anymore. The hallways are empty and the offices stopped working. It looks like a ghost hospital “he sentenced.

Director’s Release

For his part, the director of the institution, Nicolás Rodríguez, admitted that the outbreak took them “by surprise” and assured that the authorities are committed to solving the problem.

Also He categorically denied Restivo’s statements. “It is not like that at all. We we always had supplies available, that we have distributed them with the rationality that the emergency requires, “he said.

With respect to crisis committee, Held: “Never stopped working. In fact, today we have had an expanded crisis committee. It just went from being an open WhatsApp group to a broadcast group, because there were debates that did not allow us to point out some issues. “

Finally, Rodríguez referred to the large number of health professionals infected within the hospital. “Obviously there is community circulation and this was expected. The reality is that we cannot determine case zero. It would be unwise. But We worked according to protocol and we are working hard to solve this contingency.“he concluded.

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