Coronavirus│ Aerolineas Argentinas Operation: the details of the repatriation flight schedule

Aerolíneas Argentinas works against the clock to be able bring to the country the Argentines stranded abroad by the pandemic of coronavirus. While this Wednesday the first of the planes destined for Buenos Aires will depart from Miami, the company’s president, Pablo Ceriani, announced seven new confirmed flights and said that they work, together with the Chancellery, in 10 other operations.

Until this March 18, the state company had announced five special flights (three to Miami and two to Madrid) within the framework of the Health Emergency issued by the Executive Power. The government ordered that from Tuesday 17, only the flag line is enabled to repatriate Argentines, who barely step on the Ezeiza international airport, will be quarantined for 14 days.

Aerolineas Argentinas begins to repatriate Argentines abroad. Credits. NA.

Until last Monday, the Argentines who had a return ticket could return through their respective airlines, but from this Tuesday they can only do so if it is on a flight of the national company.

Flight schedule

Aerolineas Argentinas arranged -days ago- five special flights to Miami (three) and Madrid (two) to bring Argentines. This Wednesday the first will depart from the United States to Buenos Aires.

At the same time, the Thursday, March 19, another will leave for Miami to continue repatriation and the same day An Airline plane to the Federal Capital will take off from Barajas International Airport (Madrid).

The friday 20, at 9:30, another aircraft will depart for Miami and the saturday 21 There will also be another flight from Barajas. The operations are carried out with Airbus 330 aircraft, which have a capacity for 270 passengers. This will be enough to return some 1,300 citizens.

It is estimated that outside the country there are more than 20 thousand Argentines stranded around the world, many of these in infected countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain and Germany, among others.

It is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand Argentines stranded abroad. Credits: NA.
It is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand Argentines stranded abroad. Credits: NA.

New flights

This Wednesday, the head of the company, Ceriani, confirmed that five new special flights are added to those already arranged, which already have a confirmed date and destination, and that two other operations will be carried out to Lima, Peru, where there is a significant amount of stranded Argentines.

Ceriani added that together with the authorities of the Argentine Chancellery they work to carry out another 10 more flights, with a destination and date to be defined, for the next few days.

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