Coronarivus: Pedro Cahn, tough on those who compare Villa Azul to a ghetto

The infectologist Pedro Cahn spoke with Just one more turn (TN) and questioned those who compare what happens in Villa Azul, with the police siege imposed by the authorities to control positive cases of coronavirus, with a ghetto.

“There is a tension situation without a doubt, but we have to understand the situation. Villa Azul has approximately 3,000 inhabitants and is separated by the southeast access, they are 200 meters from the Villa Itatí that has about 40,000 souls“, assured the specialist that integrates the Committee of Experts that advises the Ministry of Health against the pandemic.

“If the health system doesn’t do something to prevent Villa Azul from going to Villa Itatí, we have a disaster probably worse than the one we see in other popular neighborhoods, “he added.

Cahn also pointed out: “Then of course there is a conflict of rights because when I am limited to circulate I am giving up a right but in this case there is a greater objective. What we have to be clear is that I am going to recover that right and the people of Villa Azul will also do it in 15 or 20 days, but in the meantime we are avoiding a large number of infected and dead

In Villa Azul, more than 170 positive cases of coronavirus have been registered so far. (Photo: Argentine News)
In Villa Azul, more than 170 positive cases of coronavirus have been registered so far. (Photo: Argentine News)

“The comparison with the ghetto is not good, you know why? Because the Warsaw ghetto was a forced confinement of an ethnic minority that was the Jews of that place, who were also condemned to starve. Here they are being provided with food and cleaning elements. Not a comparable situation with a ghetto. It seems to me that the memory of the heroes of the Warsaw ghetto deserves not to be compared to this situation, “concluded the infectologist.

Situation in Villa Azul

The number of inhabitants infected with COVID-19 in the neighborhood is 174 cases as of this Wednesday. The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollán, admitted that the positivity rate in the tests carried out is 57%, while at the moment there were no deaths.

The official defined what happened in the settlement as “an explosive-type outbreak” and indicated that the objective of the isolation of the place is “to cut the contagion chains inside the neighborhood.”

Villa Azul is with a police fence. (Photo: Argentine News)
Villa Azul is with a police fence. (Photo: Argentine News)

“If it happened in a corporate work office or in a country, the action criteria would be similar. The best way to take care of the neighborhood is to prevent anyone from entering or leaving, going house by house“, I consider.

Written by Argentina News

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