Concessionaires: return to phase 3 further complicates car delivery

The delivery of zero-kilometer vehicles at dealerships in the city of Córdoba will continue to be delayed and dealers of used units will continue to be unable to attend their sales rooms, at least for another week.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) clarified yesterday that this item also returned to phase 3 of the quarantine; This means that the attention of the mechanical workshops and the sale of spare parts to the authorized vehicles are enabled, but they are not authorized to deliver to the public even for delivery.

During the mandatory isolation ordered by the national government to contain the coronavirus, the concessionaires continued selling units through virtual channels to maintain a cash flow that would allow them to support their structures.

In mid-April, the Nation decided to reopen the Registry of Automotive Property, which allowed the units to be patented. It was within this framework that the concessionaires proposed to the COE to make the delivery by delivery.

With phase 4, which came into force last week, the health agency enabled the delivery of vehicles, but the dealers encountered several difficulties.

An active market

While the market generates incentives to curb the drop in sales, the supply chain is slowed down. The automakers only this week began to recover the activity.

In turn, biosecurity protocols slow processes. Transportation is not fluid due to official authorizations and the regulations that apply.

Units must be disinfected. In turn, working groups that change every week participate, as well as distance professionals and organizations with their own health rules.

Also, it is not clear who should pay the delivery, a cost that is not less if you take into account that it includes the transfer of the vehicle, the seller and the manager.

The concessionaires, in this framework, asked the COE to serve the public with previous shifts, as the real estate companies did, but now everything has returned to the previous stage.

“Deliveries are not as agile, so it is difficult to meet customer expectations, at least until the mechanism is oiled. There are clients who filed complaints, but we have to comply with security measures to avoid problems, both for clients and employees ”, explained Sebastián Parra, director of Parra Automotores.

Darío Ramonda, head of the Toyota Motor Center, warned that in recent weeks inquiries increased because, while the dollar in the informal market and on the stock market reached 130 pesos, the prices of the Japanese brand rose five to six percent.

“The expectation was to enter this week in greater flexibility, but you have to adjust to what the specialists determine, have patience and support the measures in favor of health,” he added.

In addition, brands have been doing promotions to prevent the decline in the automotive market from deepening.

“The level of consultation is important. There are brands that are offering discounts of up to 390 thousand pesos, zero percent interest and the first installment in August ”, highlights Felipe Seia, manager of marketing Grupo Quijada, which brings together Auto Munich and Avec.

Patents: continue to decline

The market remains at minimum sales levels.

60% As of May 18, vehicle patents for the month fell 59.9 percent on-year, according to the specialized site Autoblog.

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