There are complete films on the streaming platform owned by Google. It will not be the Netflix catalog, but you can consider them as an alternative

In times of confinement, the options against boredom can be exhausted. We present you one that is almost inexhaustible for the quantity and quality it offers: see movies on YouTube.

There is full movies on the streaming platform owned by Google. It will not be the Netflix catalog, but you can take them into account as an entertainment alternative for the whole family.

There are many streaming platforms to watch series and movies for free, or options to download free movies if that’s what you prefer. Even Netflix offers free documentaries.

You can watch full movies on YouTube, the world’s largest window for viewing audiovisual content, of all kinds, from the most amateur to professionals.

Film titles that have gone down in history and others that you have to see at some point in life. The truth is watch movies on YouTube without downloading it is a valuable opportunity to enjoy great content.

You can also spend a weekend of film culture and walk around the gallery. Take into account that here you will not have any risk of contracting malicious viruses on your device as it could happen if you decide to download “torrents”, for example.

It is not recommended to go through download websites or the like that could be a risk to your team and might not comply with copyright, for example. The convenient thing is betting on legal platforms to watch movies online for trial or promotions for example.

YouTube houses world cinema gems that are part of the public domain and without legal obstacles to view.

Watch full movies on YouTube

Searching for free movies on YouTube without downloading it’s a simple process. But it is important that you follow some recommendations for the search to be successful and do not take so long to watch free movies on YouTube without downloading.

The first thing you should know is that they are public domain movies. This means that they are not protected by copyright and can be displayed anywhere.

They also depend on distributors or promoters who decide to place movies on their channels, as part of their market strategies. The search to watch free movies on YouTube without downloading must be done through the different channels.

An important fact is that if you directly use the YouTube search engine, once you put the name of the movie, you must add data such as: full, Spanish or Spanish, or full movie.

Free classic cinema on YouTube

On YouTube you can get titles among which the following stand out:

The Three Faces of Eva (1957)

American drama and mystery film. It tells the story of a woman with multiple personalities. The Oscar, as best actress, earned her protagonist, Joanne Woodward.

Les Miserables (1978)

A classic based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo. This movie, made for television, has an excellent cast of actors and actresses, headed by Anthony Perkins.

The Invisible Ghost (1941)

A classic of horror movies that marks the beginning of the career of a legendary actor in the genre, Bela Lugosi.

The Night of the Living Dead (1968)

One of the most important precursors of the zombie theme in cinema. Over the years it has become a cult film for lovers of this subgenre of horror films.

Jane Eyre (Soul Rebel) (1944)

For lovers of classic romantic cinema. This film stars the legendary Orson Wells and the laureate Joan Fontaine.

Metropolis (1927)

Sci-fi and futuristic, one of the great titles of cinema is among the free movies on YouTube without downloading. The excellent German work is available on the Google platform. Is a undisputed pioneer of science fiction cinema. Over the years, he has been gaining recognition for his contribution to the film industry.

An Andalusian dog (1929).

The classic work of the great Spanish film director Luis Buñuel.

Placing in the search engine, “full movie“You can also find movies. It is a way to experiment and enter the titles that appeal to you the most.

If you request the free trial of the YouTube Premium service you will be able to enjoy the series and movies offered by this platform. With this option you will not pay anything and you will enjoy its complete content, you only have to unsubscribe after 30 days; a simple option for days of confinement.

Free Soviet and Russian cinema on YouTube

The Russian producer Mosfilm She was in charge of putting together on her YouTube channel a catalog with some of the most outstanding films of filmography of the Soviet era, including some jewels of cinema. The producer’s channel, which already has more than 1,000 HD movies, presents them divided by directors or genres.

Among the classics that can be seen for free, there are many of the 24 Soviet titles that were presented to the Oscars. In addition, they are subtitled in Spanish.

Among the most prominent titles are the epic drama “War and Peace” written and directed by Sergey Bondarchuk and winner of a Golden Globe; the Soviet-Japanese co-production by the great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, Dersu Uzala; and the drama directed by Vladimir Menshov, Moscow does not believe in tears.

There are also director’s films Andrei Tarkovski, the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century, according to the Swedish Ingmar Bergman. Mosfilm offers his first work, Ivan’s Childhood, a film that not only made the famous but had such an international influence that even the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre dedicated an essay to him.

Classics like Tarkovski’s Solaris, which decades later was Americanized in a version whose protagonist is George Clooney or the post-apocalyptic Stalker that inspired the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl. Or poetry made into films like The Mirror, or Tarkovski’s greatest work, Andrei Rubliov.

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