Cofco, at the forefront of the agricultural export ranking

The local subsidiary of the Asian capital company China National Cereals, Oil & Foodstuffs (Cofco), led the ranking of Argentine agro-industrial exporters for the 2018/2019 campaign, with 15 percent of total sales, by 14.2 millions of tons.

It was followed by Cargill, with operations of almost 11.9 million tons (12 percent of the total volume), and ADM, with 11.2 million tons, equivalent to 11 percent of the 97.5 million tons that Argentina sold grain and derived products in the past cycle.

The fourth place in the list was occupied by Bunge, with 9.5 million tons, while in fifth place was the first company with national capital, the Cordoba Oil company General Deheza (AGD), with 8.7 million tons.


The list was made from the sworn statements of foreign sales reported by the national Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

From the statistics it appears that the main four exporting companies concentrated 48 percent of Argentina’s total external sales, while the first 10 accounted for 91 percent of the total export business of grains and derived products of Argentine origin during the 2018/2019 campaign.

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