City advances with the SALE of a LAND in front of Costa Salguero

The Buenosairean oficialismo advances to put on the market the property of 5,800 square meters, known as “the triangle of Salguero”

The official body of the City of Buenos Aires took new steps to put a 5,800-square-meter plot of land located off Costa Salguero for sale.

As a previous measure, the approval of the rezoning file will be promoted in the Buenos Aires Legislature next week.

The “Salguero triangle” is one of the best located plots in the Capital. It is at the foot of one of the descents of the Illia Highway, a few meters from Aeroparque and General Paz. Although the proximity to the airport would limit its height, the law allows building up to 20 meters, details La Política Online.

The Legislature advanced in 2018 with the project to create the North Coastal Area District, one of the initiatives of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. It is an area that will stretch between Ciudad Universitaria and Costa Salguero, where there will be water parks, foodtrucks and green terraces as well as bowling alleys.

On the other hand, progress was also made in the Urban Planning and Budget commissions with the rezoning of plots that are under the San Martín viaduct in the Villa Crespo area.

The project will enable the construction of two buildings in the station area that may be up to 45 meters high and will be located six meters from the San Martín tracks.

However, the advanced vendor of larretismo faces opposition from the Frente de Todos.

“It is a terrible moment to carry out real estate operations in the midst of this uncertainty, it has no other purpose than the collection,” said legislator Manuel Socías, according to La Política Online.

However, the ruling party is confident that it will have the necessary votes to advance.

Both the Salguero triangle and the Villa Crespo station were plots belonging to the national government that Mauricio Macri transferred to the City to be put up for sale. The stated objective was the payment of the viaducts of the Miter and San Martín trains.

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