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The intention of the administration headed by Rodríguez Larreta is to enable 11 premium ventures in December. Where will they be located

Focused on intensifying the real estate business in the City, the Buenos Aires Government continues to take steps forward in its intention for building more luxury towers.

After winning a first sanction in favor at the beginning of last month, now he activated the public hearing from the perspective of complying with another of the requirements for enable the development of 11 premium complexes in different neighborhoods porteños.

After this instance, the administration headed by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will go for a second legislative approval to already motorize the constructions.

The hearing, which begins this Friday, will be attended by City officials, members of the Community Boards and at least 383 neighbors. In addition to today’s session, the activity will continue on Tuesday 23.

As reported officially, the hearing “is intended to hear the opinion of the public regarding the law that already has a first sanction by the Legislature and that endorses eleven urban agreements reached by the Buenos Aires administration with real estate developers to expand the constructive capacity and the height of future buildings on the land included in the agreements “.

The intention of the Buenos Aires ruling party is to “buckle” this package and, at least, another 20 folders with real estate projects before the end of 2021.

The 11 projects that have a first endorsement are promoted by the following figures: Mario Manso SA, PMJ Fiduciarias, Proyecto 43, Livnot SA, Alfredo Joaquín Larguía, MartesBoys SA, 11DS, Management Libertador, Arcos 1865, Javier Ignacio Pelach and Instrumentos Musicales SA.

As indicated to iProfessional From the Observatory of the Right to the City, the Buenos Aires ruling party points to raise at least $ 200 million. The figure would be destined to stimulate the reconfiguration of the microcenter –and part of the macro- of the City as a residential area.

The public hearing begins this Friday and will conclude next Tuesday.

The reconversion to which the larretismo aims, anticipated by this means in different articles, aims to transform the area that extends from Córdoba to Belgrano and Callao in a predominantly residential district.

In recent dialogue with iProfessional, Jonatan Baldiviezo, head of the Observatory of the Right to the City, commented that “the 11 agreements that will be sought to be finally approved are the first batch of a total of 40 that the City has already agreed with private companies.”

“At the beginning of this year, the Buenos Aires ruling party called on companies to present potential projects. Of the 114 proposals that were approached, about 40 received the endorsement and the intention is that they are fully approved before the end of 2021. The City says that it will allocate those hundreds of millions of dollars to the transformation of the downtown area into a residential area, “he said.

The towers that come

Regarding the location of the undertakings supported by the City Government, One of the towers will be built in Campichuelo 644, Caballito neighborhood, on a 2,135-square-meter plot where a private medical center operated.

It is also planned to build a complex in Amenábar 1501, Colegiales, on a plot of almost 600 square meters. In this case, the new building will reach 53.8 meters in height.

Another project is that of Lafinur street 3126, in Palermor, in an area of ​​1,590 square meters: the new tower will be 60 meters high. A building, in this case 51 meters high, will be built on Avenida Del Libertador 5723 (Belgrano), on a 1,558-square-meter plot of land where a soccer field complex operated.

In Arcos 1865, also Belgrano, on a plot of 700 square meters, it is planned to build a tower of 71 meters. On the other hand, in the Núñez neighborhood, on Calle Arcos al 3631, a 65-meter tower will be built on a 1,491-square-meter site.

The intention of the Buenos Aires ruling party is to promote building complexes in the area.

The intention of the Buenos Aires ruling party is to enable construction in the course of December.

Already in the neighborhood of San Cristóbal, on a plot of land located on Avenida San Juan at 2,502, corner Alberti, a 74 meter high glazed tower is projected. In Corrientes 5,761, Villa Crespo, on a plot of 1,071 square meters, a building of 72 meters will be built.

Likewise, on Calle 11 de Septiembre al 1,535 (Belgrano), on a plot of 882 square meters – where there is a property classified as historic with “special precautionary protection” – its façade will be preserved to promote behind it a tower of 53 meters.

In the Almagro neighborhood, son Corrientes Avenue at 3.410, on a plot of 1,200 square meters, they will build a tower 73 meters high. And at the corner of Díaz Vélez and Virasoro, Caballito, on an area of ​​616 square meters, a 53-meter high building will be erected.

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