Chinese traders are summoned for non-compliance with QUARANTINE

The couple will provide an investigation on March 27, when the 14-day quarantine is met. They also have an embargo for 400 thousand pesos for each one

A federal judge in Campana ordered the investigation and an embargo for 400 thousand pesos for a Chinese couple accused of having violated the mandatory 14-day quarantine established by the Government as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, given that they sent their daughter to school and It opened its supermarket in the city of Zárate, judicial sources reported.

It all happened within hours of the man’s return from a sightseeing trip to China on Tuesday, according to the ruling.

The couple of merchants must provide an investigation on March 27, when the 14-day quarantine is met, and given the “exceptional circumstances” of the case, a preventive embargo of 400 thousand pesos was set for each of them, in addition to the closure from your supermarket.

The Initial alert was given by the principal of the school attended by the 12-year-old girl, the daughter of the couple, when she saw her at school despite the fact that her father had returned from China the day before..

According to the resolution of the federal judge 1 of Campana, Adrián González Charvay, on March 11 the merchant returned to his usual activity in the supermarket, on a property where he also lives with his family and that day he sent his daughter to school despite that she had contacted him, as the judge reconstructed.

Before the alert given from the school, an official from the Ministry of Health contacted the student’s mother by phone, after checking on social networks that the business was open, and the woman replied that “the family was not in quarantine “and” refused to isolate himself and stop running the premises. “

A municipal doctor went to the place, checked the family, found that he had no symptoms of coronavirus, but ordered that the isolation be carried out..

The next day, the supermarket reopened with the married couple attending, and in view of this situation, the intervention of Judge González Charvay was requested, who finally ordered the National Gendarmerie staff to search the store and order the closure.

The judge also asked to identify all those who could have contact with the couple and their daughter.

“Without prejudice to the fact that it is publicly known in the face of the current world health emergency and especially considering that it came from the source of the virus’s original contagion, the person named would not have remained isolated at home in the Buenos Aires town of Zárate upon the return of vacation “, warned the magistrate in the resolution.

The couple could be accused of violating article 205 or 239 of the Penal Code.

Article 205 establishes that “he will be punished with imprisonment from six months to two years, whoever violates the measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic.”

Meanwhile, Article 239 provides that “shall be punished with imprisonment of fifteen days to one year, whoever resists or disobeys a public official in the legitimate exercise of his functions or the person who provides assistance at his request or by virtue of of a legal obligation. “

The national government published this Thursday a decree that provides for the “mandatory isolation” of people who have symptoms of coronavirus disease or who “in recent days, have a history of travel to ‘affected areas’ or have been in Contact with confirmed or probable cases of Covid-19 “.

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