Census 2022: what are the data released by INDEC

In Argentina there are 46,044,703 people, according to the results of the 2022 Census revealed on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC). The final data from the national survey indicated that the population grew by 14.78% since 2010.

Of the more than 46 million people who live in the country, 23,690,481 are women, what represents a 51.41% of the total, while 22,072,046 are men (47.9%). At the same time, 8293 people (0.02%) perceived themselves as non-binary people.

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Buenos Aires It is the province in which the most people live in the entire country, with a total of 17,569,053which represents a 38.13% of the total population. Of these more than 17 million people, 10,865,182 live in Greater Buenos Aires (GBA), 3,120,612 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and 6,703,871 in the interior of the province.

Behind Buenos Aires and among the most populated provinces, are located: Cordova with 3,978,984 inhabitants, Santa Fe with 3,556,522 people, Mendoza with 2,014,533 and Tucuman with 1,703,186.

According to data released by INDEC, in Argentina there are a total of 17,805,711 homes, of which 17,780,210 are private homes and another 25,501 are collective homes. At the same time, There are 2,692 people living on the streets.

The body’s head, Marco Lavagna, explained that the 55.28% of people who responded to the 2022 Census they did it through the Digital Census, and of that total, 65% completed it through mobile devices.

INDEC released the final results of the 2022 Census this Friday. (Photo: INDEC).

The final data was supposed to be published in August of last year, but due to problems in loading and collecting the information, they were delayed for approximately five months. 90 days after the 2022 Census was carried out, INDEC had clarified the reasons for the delay in the delivery of preliminary data.

“They were not disseminated on the scheduled date because a significant number of summary forms that were completed on the day of the Census do not meet sufficient quality standards”Lavagna explained at that time, via Twitter, by acknowledging the errors.

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2022 Census: how many inhabitants there are, district by district

  • Autonomous City of Buenos Aires: 3,120,612.
  • Buenos Aires: 17,569,053.
  • Catamarca: 429,556.
  • Chaco: 1,142,963.
  • Chubut: 603.120.
  • Cordova: 3,978,984.
  • Currents: 1,197,553.
  • Between rivers: 1,426,426.
  • Formosa: 606,041.
  • Jujuy: 797,855.
  • The Pampa: 366,022.
  • The Rioja: 384,697.
  • Mendoza: 2,014,533.
  • Missions: 1,280,960.
  • Neuquen: 726,590.
  • Black river: 762,067.
  • Skip: 1,440,672.
  • San Juan: 818.234.
  • saint Louis: 540,905.
  • Santa Cruz: 333,473.
  • Santa Fe: 3,556,522.
  • Santiago del Estero: 1,054,028.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands: 190,641.
  • Tucuman: 1,703,186.

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