Cecilia Suárez and “Paulina de la Mora” unite their message in full contingency for the coronavirus

Paulina de la Mora, the character of the series “The flower house”Played by the Mexican actress Cecilia Suarez, reappeared through a video posted on the account of Twitter from the director of that story, Manolo Caro.

As a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19, several celebrities from Mexico and the world have joined the initiative #Stay in your house, the proposal that aligns with the official provisions on health and promoting social distancing to stop the pandemic that plagues much of the world.

Prior to the launch of its third season, on April 23, the creator of the series uploaded a video where “Paulina de la Mora” appears, asking her followers to take into account the recommendations from the Mexican health authorities.

“Listen to Paulina de la Mora! # QuédateEncasa ”, is the text that accompanies the clip where the character also mentions that caring for the elderly is not solely the responsibility of women, as a nod to the statement of the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who said in his morning conference on March 24 that “especially daughters take care of fathers, men can be more detached, but the daughters are always aware of their mothers, of their fathers ”, a controversial statement that gave people something to talk about, calling it a sexist and sexist tone.

“And also I want to clarify that nothing that the grandmother is taken care of only by the girls. No, Elenita and I have already talked to Julián and we said no, that Granny belongs to everyone, so everyone goes to take care of her. So beware now, ”said the character.

“We have already seen that we cannot leave them alone or so much because, well, we are out of the huacal. Please listen, go to your houses, what are you doing on the street? What do you not see that you expose yourself and your entire family? Please, ”said the peculiar style that the older daughter of the De la Mora family popularized last year in the plot produced by the Netflix streaming.

On the other hand and in a more serious tone, the other side of the same coin was shown, as the actress who gives life to the character, Cecilia Suarez, also issued a similar message to raise awareness, but this time from your personal account Instagram and addressed to his Mexican compatriots.

The 48-year-old Tamaulipas exhorted from Madrid, Spain, where she is confined, her 977,000 followers to abide by the same recommendation in order not to reach the levels of spread that the new coronavirus has shown in the European country.

So far, Mexico has reached 1,094 cases and of them there are 28 deaths, which are eight more people than yesterday. There are also 2,752 suspected cases identified.

“We are already in a phase of rapid ascent”, mentioned the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Prevention, Hugo López-Gatell at the daily update conference, further adding that there is still an opportunity to mitigate transmission and that the fastest contagion phase will be in phase 3, in the community broadcast, so the main recommendation remains the same: Stay home.

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