CARD SUBE alert: they confirm that they are studying to restrict it

The goal is to allow all personnel who perform essential tasks or are exempt from complying with isolation to travel safely

Sources of the Ministry of Transport of the Nation confirmed that the restriction of the use of the SUBE card only for those who are enabled to move because they are considered “of essential activity“, It’s in developing and it will be implemented based on the growth of passengers in inter-jurisdictional transport. ”

They also indicated that for the moment “passengers will be able to continue traveling with the current modality,” according to sources in the portfolio.

The measure to restrict the use of SUBE card, which was analyzed in a meeting held yesterday between the Minister of Transportation, Mario Meoni and authorities of the national government, the City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires, aims to avoid crowds and in this way public transport becomes an eventual focus of contagion.

At the meeting, one of the points that focused attention was the analysis of initiatives that would guarantee the necessary health recommendations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in spaces of mass circulation, such as public transport.

The Government confirmed that it is discussed to restrict the use of the SUBE if the demand grows

In this line, the hypothesis of using the SUBE card to allow travel only to essential and excepted personnel, the sources indicated.

On this point, the idea of ​​using the SUBE card is for the purposes of having one more technological tool in case it is necessary in the face of the rise in demand for inter-jurisdictional public transport such as the train.

In this way, they indicated, it will be allowed travel so safe all personnel who perform essential tasks or are exempt from complying with the mandatory isolation, within the framework of the presidential DNU that establishes the categories and their procedures.

This dosing tool for the use of public transport, which will allow, for example, to decompress the “peak hours”, is in the planning and development stage, and has no start date yet, so all passengers will be able to continue traveling the same way, the sources clarified, according to Télam.

Other points discussed at the meeting were the incorporation of reinforcements in bus services, greater control at train stations, stricter controls on cars crossing accesses from different jurisdictions.

Also the reinforcement of the controls to the passengers that circulate inside groups and development of an application for the reservation of the use of the trains according to schedule and by DNI.

Concern about quarantine at the AMBA

If implemented, the restriction on the use of the SUBE card would respond to one of the possibilities of quarantine non-compliance in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (AMBA). In fact, in recent days – especially after the last presidential announcements about the continuity of the quarantine with some relaxation of activities – an increase in the number of passengers on public transport was noted.

SUBE card restriction: public transport can be a source of contagion.

SUBE card restriction: public transport can be a source of contagion.

In addition, in populous areas of the suburbs, an unexpected relaxation of daily activities was noted. All this happens at the same time that there is a rebound in the number of infections and deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, during these hours the joint efforts of the Nation, Province and City intensify.

Transportation: seek more distance

In the meeting with the Minister of Transport, the AMBA districts coordinated actions to achieve greater distance in the public transport, through the incorporation of reinforcements in the collective services, was informed in a statement.

The Transportation portfolio held that work will be done to achieve greater control in train stations and accesses with personnel from the Ministry of National Security.

In this sense, he reported that controls on cars crossing accesses from different jurisdictions will be stricter and controls on passengers driving within buses will be strengthened.

“With the aim of reserving the use of public transport to personnel qualified as essential, the SUBE card will be enabled only for those who provide essential services and are excepted,” said the ministry that was agreed at the meeting.

The limit to the SUBE card seeks to avoid a relaxation of the obligatory isolation.

The limit to the SUBE card seeks to avoid a relaxation of the mandatory isolation.

As part of the measures, he detailed, “An application is being developed to reserve the use of trains according to schedule and by DNI

At the meeting with Meoni were the Secretary of National Security, Eduardo Villalba and for the province of Buenos Aires: the Minister of Infrastructure, Agustín Simone; the chief of staff, Carlos Bianco; Undersecretary of Transport, Alejo Supply and the head of the Buenos Aires Security Policy Coordination Unit, Darío Ruiz.

Representing the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires were the Secretary of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro; the Chief of Cabinet, Felipe Miguel; the Secretary of Transport and Public Works, Juan José Méndez.

Also present at the meeting were Martín Ferreiro, president of Argentine Railways, Sociedad del Estado (FASE) and Martín Marinucci, president of Trenes Argentinos Operaciones.

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SUBE: the Government should clarify that, for now, everyone will be able to travel