Britney Spears called for a redistribution of wealth and was called that

It seems that the confinement that much of the world lives in the face of quarantine that seeks to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, has made Britney Spears reflect on life issues, because this Tuesday he made a public statement through his Instagram account calling for the union of human beings as a species.

The North American Star is finding a positive side to the pandemic which keeps much of the world in suspense, and for this he resorted to a text by the Hong Kong writer Mimi Zhu, who is fond of sharing her deep thoughts on social networks.

“During this time of confinement, we need to be more connected than ever. Call your loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies such as virtual communication, streaming and radio broadcasting are part of our collaboration as a community. We will learn to kiss and hug each other through Internet waves. “, Is part of the message shared by the former “Disney girl”.

The fragment chosen by Britney as a caption for her publication, it did not go unnoticed by the political burden it contains and its marked communist tone.

The sum of “The redistribution of wealth”, “We will strike / we will demonstrate” and the emojis chosen by the singer, were enough for Internet users to conclude the ideological and political affiliation of Britbecause it is about topics that socialism and Marxism have championed since its inception, and even the red rose is an international symbol associated with socialism, and later, in the middle of the 19th century, with social democracy.

The reactions were immediate and even the Democratic Socialist Party of America (DSA) quickly applauded the singer writing on her official Twitter account: “Comrade Britney knows it: together we can build a better world because capitalism is ‘Toxic'”, in clear reference to the hit of 2003.

The veteran pop star seems to agree with certain ideological issues that do not agree with the prevailing capitalism in the West, especially in the United States and in her mention of the walls can be glimpsed an allusion to efforts to prevent the illegal immigration of President Donald Trump, with whom “pop princess” could get in trouble, because the president made it clear that “The days of socialism, communism are numbered not only in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba”, when he lectured last year.

The wave of memes was immediate, placing Spears alongside the movement’s leaders such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lennin and being named “Queen of socialism” or “diva of the proletariat”

It is not the first time that the voice of “Ooops! … I did it again” it is related to the subject, because in the 2002 MTV VMA’s awards presented to the gala in a beret with a red 5-pointed star, and even 5 years ago the singer seemed to admit that your song “Work B * tch ”, is based on the doctrine of Karl Marx.

On the other hand, last week Spears showed in his account a message of resistance, where the words courage, courage and the fact of “keeping your head up” gave his followers encouragement:

Today we must reflect on the positive things in life! Many of us go crazy with what is happening and even though I don’t have all the answers … I know how to try to stay strong and positive and show courage and courage! Keep your head up, folks! ”

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