Banks during quarantine: recommendations for retirees

On quarantine days, banks are not open, so the only way to operate is through online banking, or home banking. To obtain cash, ATMs are being permanently supplied, said Claudio Cesario, president of the Argentine Association of Banks.

“The recommendation for everyone, but especially for the risk group, is that operate remotelyCesario remarked. “All formal employees receive their credit in savings accounts,” he told TN.

The same goes for the beneficiaries of family allowances, retirement and pensions. “They are received through accreditation in a savings bankTherefore, as the elderly population at risk, who must be cared for, we ask them to operate as far as possible remotely, with the help of a family member or someone who guides them to use the tool if they don’t know her, ”he reiterated.

It also indicated that there are 18,000 ATMs and 4,600 bank branches where you can withdraw cash. The ATMs they are being recharged all the time. There are no claims or complaints that they do not work, “added Cesario.

Finally, he made an order for all retirees and pensioners: “Use your debit card when you go to a store, everyone is obliged by law to accept them ”.

Cesario recalled that using debit cards, retirees have the 15% VAT refund, “So the one who has retirement lowers the power with this,” he said.

Cash is a cultural issueWe know it and try to correct it. Pensioners and retirees like to go to the bank to stand in line when they have the opportunity not to do so ”, he closed.

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