Banco Macro offers zero rate loans for monotributistas and self-employed

Banco Macro reported that on the first day of operations for zero-rate financing for monotributistas and self-employed individuals, it granted 2,615 loans through its Internet Banking.

Before starting the procedure with the bank, taxpayers and self-employed workers must verify on the Afip website with a Tax Code enabled, if they meet the requirements to obtain the benefit.

Consultations can be made until May 29 inclusive.

On the Afip website they will indicate the maximum amount of financing that you can access.

From then on, the interested party must select the loan amount and the credit card number to be used, since the “Zero Rate Credit” is implemented through a card.

How to manage it

If the interested party is a Banco Macro client, he will have the possibility to request the credit in Internet Banking, which will be credited to the chosen credit card and will be effective in three monthly, equal and consecutive accreditations.

In case you do not have a credit card, you can manage the registration of the plastic at the same time that you request financing at zero rate in Internet Banking.

If you still do not operate through Internet Banking, you can self-manage the user and password by entering Internet Banking and selecting the option “Can’t you log in or are you new?”. Once the password is generated, you will enter Internet Banking and carry out the process of registering the “Zero Rate Credit” in an agile and secure way.

In case you do not have a password to enter Internet Banking, you can go to the branch, after a shift, to finish the management of the credit, which will be disbursed within 48 hours.

If you are not a Banco Macro client, you can choose the entity at the time you manage the loan on the Afip page.

From the bank they will send you an email and managing a shift on our website ( you can go to the branch you choose to complete the process.

The “Zero Rate Credit” will have six months of grace from the first disbursement prior to paying the first installment. At that time, each of the fees can be viewed in the summary of the card in a discriminated manner. The credit will be returned from that moment on, in 12 equal and consecutive monthly installments.

To know more, enter:

Call Center: 0810 555 2355

Internet Banking:

Instagram: @bancomacro

Facebook: / bancomacro

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