Auto fever unleashed to blue dollar: alert that stock is missing

After having resumed the activity under the quarantine, the concessionaires are operating and the business is reactivated. What about stock

The splitting of the exchange market offers interesting possibilities to buy a quantity of goods, whose market value is related to the official dollar, and especially, high-end cars, motorcycles and trucks. It is that, at blue dollar prices, both the cars, the SUVs and the pick ups, were at very competitive prices.

However, whoever has an interest in doing that business must hurry, because it is likely that in a short time no more high-end cars or motorcycles are offered on the market at such a cheap exchange rate.

In fact, the car sales dealers in Mar del Plata they sold all the stock of the cars 0Km, after the national government allowed them to return to the activity after the presentation of a protocol, they indicated from the Automotive Chamber of Commerce of that seaside city.

The manager of the Automotive Chamber of Commerce of Mar del Plata Carlos Freijo said that “it has been a very good salea, dealers do not have stock of the 0Km they had before quarantine

“Everything was sold and this also obeyed the dollar rise, which made operations grow and the public launched to buy the 0Km available so far, “stressed the manager.

Freijo remarked that dealers have “respected prices” as they did not “speculate” or increase.

“They got rid of that stock and now we will have to wait for the new ones. Everything has been sold but the high-end ones are the ones that have come out the fastest,” he assured.

“Something needed to be revived, we know that the trade in cars It is very dynamic, people do have a weight saved and you can change the car it does, “Freijo said.

“Now they will have to replace with the new vehicle productionWe are going to see if the terminals are going to increase prices, “he said.

Take care of the stock

Until now there was an offer because many dealerships had debts with the automotive terminals and needed pesos to pay them off, explained César Litvin, from Lisicki, Litvin & Asoc.

But, from now on, dealerships will begin to look after the stockBecause it is their working capital, and “they are not going to throw it away,” Litvin emphasized.

Experts warn that agencies are beginning to take care of the stock of cars and motorcycles

The accountant explained that high-end car and motorcycle sellers They will not be able to continue selling their vehicles to a $ 70 implicit dollar when they don’t know what much greater change they will have to replace

The deal for the car buyer it is turn into the Dollars treasured to pesos through the operation known as dollar MEP.

This procedure is lawful, and can be done with banks and with brokers.

It consists of buying Argentine bonds with dollars (for example, AY 24), having them for 5 business days – with parity risk – and selling them in pesos, said Juan Nicolini, from the Bertazza, Nicolini, Corti & Asoc study.

This procedure is completely legal, and has nothing to do with the Dolar blue, which is an illegal market, and which could not be used because the purchase of new vehicles requires proof of origin of funds. “These are registrable assets, the information of which will be in” my part “of the AFIP,” Nicolini recalled.

That is, you must have treasured dollars, acquired legally, by purchase in the free and unique exchange market, with the documentary support, received by inheritance, legacy or donation, etc., emphasized Nicolini.

If the dollars do not have a justification of legal origin, in addition to the increase in equity not justified for income tax, there will be a foreign exchange violation (subject to the foreign exchange criminal law), he remarked.

Taking advantage of the gap

According to the information provided by the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), last April only 4,385 units of automobiles plus commercial vehicles, both light and heavy, were sold in the country.

That amount represents a decrease of 75.4% compared to March this year, and a decrease of 88.3% compared to April last year.

Motorcycles were also cheap for those who have dollars in their hands

In turn, the accumulated sales January – April of the current year were 46.3% compared to those registered in the same period last year, reported Silvia Tedin and Ricardo Proganó, from the SMS study – San Martin Suarez y Asociados .

However, this recessive situation occurs in a exchange context which favors the purchase of automotive for those holders of Dollars, recognized Tedin and Proganó.

The fundamental reason is that the automotive they are sold at the peso equivalent of their price in Dollars at the current exchange rate in the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), well below the prices of alternative “free” exchange rates (MEP or CCL), recalled Tedin and Proganó.

Thus, whoever has Dollars free“you can sell them through the stock market, liquidating them at an exchange rate around one 50% higher at the implicit in the price of the car you want to buy, the specialists were excited.

This operation generates a significantly higher amount of pesos for the seller which would result from liquidating your dollars at the official exchange rate and, consequently, determines that you need less “free” dollars to acquire the vehicle in question: the vehicle has been “cheaper” in terms of foreign currency, said Tedin and Proganó.

With one example, Tedín and Proganó took the list price of a car worth $ 1,388,800. If you go to dollars at the official wholesale exchange rate, the relevant from the point of view of the cost of production / import, the price is $ 20,343 (at the exchange rate of $ 68.27 per dollar).

But if we convert it to the MEP dollar, the price becomes US $ 13,226 (at the exchange rate of $ 105 per dollar).

The gap is 54% between both exchange rates, and that is the savings for the holder of free dollars; that is, $ 6,953.

Motorcycles and cars: what the market offers

According to the list, it is observed that a motorcycle can cost less than $ 400 in terms of blue dollars, a value that is lower than many cell phones, than a computer or, even, the growing skateboards, where the best brands start in $ 1,000, and the Chinese, cheaper, average between $ 20,000 to $ 40,000, this same value as the bike.

Honda Wave: it costs about $ 83,000 which, in blue dollar terms, It equals about $ 691.

The Honda Wave, less than u $ s700 in terms of blue dollar

This model is produced in the Campana plant (Buenos Aires province) and its modern aesthetics is one of its main pillars. Its latest edition improved the ergonomics of your seat. The dashboard was also updated.

Among the details of the most chosen model stands out its single cylinder 4-stroke engine, 2-valve OHC and air-cooled; 4-speed box, a consumption of 56.7 km per liter and a range of 209 kilometers.

Gilera Smash: The queen of accessible CUBs is the Smash. It costs about $ 45,000. This means that who has u $ s375 in the mattress, you can sell them in the parallel market and access this model.

La Gilera Smash, at u $ s375, in terms of blue dollar

This 125cc model has no less than seven different versions on the Gilera official site, the most expensive being the Smash Tunnig Full, with accessories, including a special exhaust, ideal for those who like custom models.

It stands out for its single cylinder, air-cooled engine, while with a liter it can be done between 35 and 40 km.

When analyzing the average value of 0Km in dollars, even more so blue exchange rate, It can be seen that there are about 10 models that are below US $ 10,000 if you take into account what you would have to pay for taking the “green bills”. More precisely, they are achieved by u $ s5,700 and $ 8,000.

Fiat Mobi, the cheapest if you have blue dollars.

Fiat Mobi, the cheapest if you have blue dollars.

The Fiat mobi He stayed on the podium of the cheapest cars on the market. It displaced the Chinese, who today were no longer competitive, and regained the position that the brand had for years by positioning itself as very economical.

Among its features it stands out that it is a small car, but comfortable inside. It has straight shapes that make it more classic but, at the same time, it is disruptive in some parts of its design. Thus, the brand broke the mold with attractive details, such as the back.

The body offered is five doors, with a Fire 1.0 8v gasoline engine and a power of 70hp.

The Fiat Mobi is priced at $ 720,400, but whoever can change their savings in dollars, will access by $ 5,763.

Renault Kwid, the smallest car on the diamond.

Renault Kwid, the smallest car on the diamond.

The Renault KWID is the second cheapest model on the list, with a price of $ 790,400, that is, $ 6,323.

Offered at four versionsEquipped with a 1.0-liter engine with advanced technology for precise monitoring of the air-fuel ratio, with 12 valves that allow minimum fuel consumption both in the city and on the road.

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