Authorize a 10% increase for DOMESTIC STAFF: how are the SCALES?

For retired employees, the minimum wage was established at $ 17,150 as of March. Access the table with the new values

Through a Resolution published this Friday in the Official Gazette, the National Commission for Work in Private Houses determined a 10% increase in minimum wages for domestic staff: 5% will be applied from March and 5%, non-cumulative, from May.

It seeks to shore up the sector’s income amid the coronavirus crisis.

With the new salary scale, the work hour was established at $ 139.50 for the staff that performs general tasks with retirement and in $ 150 for the personnel without retirement as of March. And $ 144.50 and $ 155.50 respectively, as of May.

Meanwhile, the monthly salary for personnel performing general tasks was set at $ 17,150 (with retirement) and $ 19,070 (without retirement) as of March and $ 17,785 and $ 19,777 as of May.

“The recent triggered economic-financial events and the economic crisis, having deteriorated significantly, are public knowledge the purchasing power of wages hurting workers, thus further accentuating the serious social situation, “expresses the resolution of the National Commission on Work in Private Houses (CNTCP), which is made up of representatives of workers from employers and the State and its presidency is exercised by a representative of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

From the commission, they remarked that the employees of private houses had been excluded from Decree 14/2020 where he ordered a minimum and uniform salary increase for all male and female workers in relation to dependency on the private sector.

In the text, it was recalled that those who work for the same employer less than 24 hours per week, their salary will be settled according to the hourly remuneration modality.

New values

Faced with the expansion of coronavirus cases, this week it was reported that at Employees of private households receive the same licenses as the rest of the workers in the private sector.

For this reason, employers must grant them paid leave in cases where they are over 60 years of age, have minor children of school age in their care, or are in the risk groups for chronic diseases.

The Union of Auxiliary Personnel of Private Houses (Upacp) called for dialogue between the parties – employers and employees – to be able to solve of “common agreement” all the general cases of work in the home.

Even in those cases of unregistered or poorly registered work, and those that appear, incorrectly, as monotributistas. “It is a very delicate and special moment, let’s take care of each other. We ask the employer in the framework of the Covid-19 cases, remember to keep in mind that if you employ a domestic worker, you are responsible, among other things, for guaranteeing their health at work, “they indicated from the union.

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