ATMs: they ensure the provision of tickets and add other ways to withdraw cash throughout the country

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) reported that it is monitoring “the activity of ATMs on a daily basis, finding them to be in operation.” He also noted that “Banks have the stock of banknotes necessary to supply their ATMs. In a singular situation like the current one, in case of inconveniences, in general they are due to logistics issues, but not to problems of availability and existence of tickets ”.

As reported by the BCRA, “there are around 35,500 cash extraction points in the country that are in a position to respond to the cash requirements of the population.” The replacement of money in ATMs is exempt from quarantine, so the BCRA Treasury and the Casa de la Moneda are working at full capacity. “The banks have sufficient banknote stocks,” emphasized the BCRA.

Thus, there are four ways to withdraw cash:

-Atm’s in banks: The network of more than 18,000 ATMs and self-service terminals owned by banks throughout the country is fully operational and banks have sufficient banknotes stock to meet demand. Additionally, most banks raised their daily withdrawal limits, allowing more cash to be withdrawn in a single operation. “The vast majority of ATMs in the country are overbooked with cash and there are no reloading problems,” they explained in the Central Bank.

-Non-bank ATMs: Various businesses, such as supermarkets and service stations, have non-bank ATMs available for withdrawing cash.

-Extraction points in shops: According to data from the BCRA, there are 17,500 points to withdraw money from cashier lines throughout the country. These are shops with a large presence, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and service stations, where it is possible to withdraw cash when making a purchase with a debit card.

-Remove money without card: Certain banks support the option to make a transfer and have the recipient withdraw cash from an ATM, even if they do not have a debit card. For this, the holder of a bank account must make a special transfer to the recipient for these cases in which a code is generated that enables the recipient to withdraw the amount of the transfer.

These are the alternatives that have both retirees, pensioners, recipients of social plans such as the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), employees and any holder of a bank account to withdraw physical money.

Banks typically charge a fee when a customer withdraws money from their account from an ATM belonging to another bank, and that fee is usually higher when the withdrawal is made at an ATM in another network. All those costs will not be charged to clients until June 30.

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