Arrived in TN and La Gente: long lines at ATMs in the suburbs in the middle of the quarantine

One week after the start of the mandatory quarantine Across the country, ATMs have become hubs of people who line up long lines to get cash.

The truth is that TN and The People Many messages, videos and photos of people arrive. And especially in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

This is how posts came from José C. Paz, Merlo and Quilmes, among others, where you see people walking through the streets without maintaining the recommended distance or long lines at the doors of the banks. In all cases, they also denounce that there are no police controls.

According to the Central Bank, the payment of retirements and AUH (11 million assets, since yesterday) made people concentrate in front of the cash withdrawal terminals. They recalled that, by directive of the monetary authority, money can be withdrawn from an ATM of any bank without paying commissions. However, banks usually allow to withdraw larger amounts at their own ATMs than at other entities.

The Central said that the banks have enough liquidity to supply people and that there are other money withdrawal points, such as 18,000 shops (generally, supermarkets and drug store chains).

“ATMs across the country are overbooked with cash. There is no lack of cash at ATMs,” they said at the BCRA. The payment of assets, they indicated, can cause a terminal to be emptied and to be refilled, “but with money that the banks already have.”

– The streets of Merlo as if there was no quarantine.

– Endless queues in front of banks in the center of Lanús.

– Many people also on the streets of Gregorio de Laferrere.

– Long queues in front of the banks in the center of Quilmes.

– People in front of the banks and at bus stops in San Justo.

– Many people on the streets of Florencio Varela.

– Long queues in front of banks in the town of Brown.

– The streets of Cove full of people.

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