ANMAT banned a series of gluten-free foods

The control body communicated this decision through the Official Gazette, in a provision detailing the reasons

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) banned the marketing of a number of gluten free food, after an investigation that was started for an oil, whose sale to the public was not allowed.

Through Disposition 3234/2020, published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette, ANMAT prohibited the commercialization of “all gluten-free products made by the company Teconobotánica S.A”, including seeds, flours and grains, among others.

The prohibition of these products was reached by an investigation that was initiated by the promotion of a Chia Oil from the firm Teconobotánica S.A, because the direct sale of “referenced for direct consumption” product is not allowed. As of that moment, it was resolved, as explained in the Official Gazette, to carry out the corresponding registry verification and an audit of the Teconobotánica firm, among other measures.

That first led to a ban on the marketing of “quinoa seeds, gluten-free, sesame seeds, gluten-free flaxseeds, gluten-free, chia flour, gluten-free, chia seeds, gluten-free, seeds of amaranth, gluten-free, made by the firm Tecnobotánica SA, for stating on their labels the records (RNPA) expired since September 2018 “.

In addition, the marketing ban was also determined “throughout the national territory and on the internet sites of food products to base of dried fruits, banana and pineapple, gluten free and food based on dried fruits and raisins, gluten-free made until 02/28/2020, for not having the establishment with the technical direction of a professional as required in food regulations for the production of ALG “.

After explaining the reasons, ANMAT arranged the prohibition of the marketing throughout the national territoryl and in the websites of all the gluten-free products made by the empresa Teconobotánica S.A., located at Leandro Euler 2341, Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires province, produced until 02/28/2020, by the company does not have a Technical Director in accordance with current food regulations. “

What is celiac disease and how does it affect Who they suffer it

Celiac disease is a condition that prevents patients from processing one of the central components of some grains -and, therefore, of some products-: gluten. The gluten is a protein found in the wheat, oats, barley and rye (hence the acronym TACC). People with this disorder, having an inability to digest this component, should consume products that are gluten-free.

This is the logo of foods that do not contain gluten

It is important to note that there are different levels of celiac disease. Some patients have higher grades, which makes them more sensitive to gluten consumption, while others have milder symptoms. The truth is in all cases they must have a gluten-free diet, since if they ingest it they develop a series of symptoms that can be detrimental to their well-being. This situation becomes particularly severe in children, since if celiac disease is not diagnosed early, inadequate nutrition can interfere with the physical and mental development of boys and girls and, indeed, affect their future as adults.

The celiac disease diagnosis It is done through a series of tests that can reliably determine that a patient has this pathology. In addition to the symptoms that the person refers -which in some cases do not appear because the picture is almost asymptomatic-, it is usually necessary do these studies to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. It will be a health professional who determines what tests are necessary.

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