Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque will replace Fernanda Raverta in Axel Kicillof’s cabinet

The national deputy and general secretary of La Cámpora Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque was chosen by the Buenosairean governor, Axel Kicillof, to replace Fernanda Ravertawho left the Community Development Ministry in the province of Buenos Aires to replace Alejandro Vanoli in the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

Larroque, fully trusted leader of Cristina and Máximo Kirchner, it will occupy an important place within the government scheme that Kicillof conducts since he will have in his possession the distribution of funds for organizations and social plans. In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the ministry that it will occupy in a few hours plays a key role in the policy carried out by the governor.

In La Plata they consider that the “Raven”, as it is known in the universe of national politics, He is a leader who knows the province, leads La Cámpora, which over time has become a group with an important territorial deployment in the municipalities, and has a fluid dialogue with the wide range of social organizations that are in Buenos Aires .

In addition, in the Buenosairean government they emphasize its good relation with the mayors, important pieces in the political gear of the most populated province in the country, which have had a zigzagging relationship with the governor since the administration began. A link that improved during the crisis unleashed by the pandemic and the common work that had to be done by the government of the province and the municipalities.

Larroque has known Kicillof since youth. Both went to the same school although in different years. The National College Buenos Aires He housed them during the secondary stage. In the following years, the “Cuervo” became a grassroots activist with more territory and Kicillof turned to university studies.

The new minister of the Buenos Aires government is part of the hard line of Kirchnerism and has been characterized over the last few years as a confrontational leader. But since Peronism returned to the Casa Rosada, Larroque moved away from his combative profile and reduced his public statements.

One of his public interventions at the beginning of the year supports this change in the profile he adopted. During a new discussion of the Government with the agricultural sector due to the increase in withholdings, Larroque recalled the conflict with the countryside that they carried out in the first months of the government of Cristina Kirchner. Made a mea culpa.

“At that time, with Cristina, the government was always ready for dialogue, but at one point it was the sectors of the agrarian leadership that cut it off. They had their reasons and it was a fight that cost the country a lot. I don’t think that “There have been big winners. That division was very expensive for Argentina and we paid it the last four years,” he said.

Then he clarified: “Self-criticism is in sight. Many questions were modified, including the formation of the Front of All and its regrouping. Subject by subject we can go looking and observing that naturally there were a lot of things that were wrong about how the conflict was raised at that time by the agrarian employers, but we in terms of ways may have made a mistake and that must be corrected, there must be no fear of accepting that. We were not mistaken in the basic intention that was to develop a country and seek harmony among all sectors. “

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