An SME entity asks to pay 75% of wages to those who do not work

The Argentine Chamber of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MPM), which days ago asked to declare this sector of the economy in emergency, proposed shared efforts to face the economic impact of the general quarantine that the country is going through, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this framework, the entity based in Córdoba proposed that “private sector employees” collect “75 percent of their salary from their employer, while in quarantine, without working.”

The institution argued that this payment “is equivalent to a suspension” and clarified that those who carry out “teleworking by mutual agreement with their employer” or who “go to their workplace according to the exceptions” should be excepted.

He added that the “salary of the employees of companies affected by the Covid-19 health emergency” be met “by 50 percent through the Repro Pyme Express system” and “the remaining 50 percent, paid on behalf of its employer”.

The entity noted that it is “necessary for the more than 550,000 MSMEs employers (of which more than 90% have up to 10 employees) the articulation and collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve a minimum horizon of predictability.”

Other proposals

He also claimed “an immediate and automatic granting line of credit based on the average billing level of the last six months or the value of the F-931, for an amount of up to three months of average billing or up to six months of the amount paid in average through the F-931, through public and private banks. “

The total financial cost of this line must be 24 percent, with a term of 36 months and six months grace, and the total financial cost will be paid 50 percent by the applicant company and 50 percent. by the National Government, through an interest rate subsidy system.

Monotributistas. For the categories that were not included in the measures announced days ago, he requested that they be able to access “a credit guaranteed by the national government, for an amount of up to three months, for their single-tax category, with conditions of rate, term and equivalent grace period to credit for SMEs.

Taxes and services. Asks that the restrictive measures related to the health crisis (…) payments of national taxes, provincial income and municipal taxes (establishing moratoriums at all levels) are not enforceable. At the same time, it requested that “the payment of rents and services (telephony, internet, water, electricity, gas) contracted by SMEs that cannot operate due to the sanitary emergency be reduced to 50 percent of the contractual value.”

Officials and state. Calls for “public officials and employees of the three powers, at the national, provincial and municipal levels, to have a solidarity cut of 25 percent of their salary, except for those who continue to work in person or through a telework mechanism “

The entity prepared a document with 12 proposals, which includes suspending credit payments, not clearing checks until early June, and extending the exemption from employer contributions, among others.

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